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Mile30 11-01-2012 02:52 PM

RANDOM ITEM: Straight Jacket
I finally broke down and convinced myself to try and sell this piece of history: a real straight jacket I found while picking furniture from the now defunct grounds of the Chestnut Lodge Medical facility in Rockville, MD. I'm looking to get at least $500 as this is from a famous location and the quality is top-notch. I'm in Westminster, MD. Shipping will be covered if a forum denizen wants to buy this.

From the eBay listing
It was found in it's original packaging underneath a used children's straight jacket. I chose not to pick that one up because it not only didn't fit; but had blood stains all down the front and I didn't want THAT mojo in my house! A friend's parent worked for the company that was in charge of clearing, demolition, and renovation of the historic facility's property. It was found in a (pointed out w/ a red arrow in the picture below) patient dormitory along with a large gym bag full of medical restraints and equipment. The jacket as brand-new-in-bag when it was found, along with a bite-mask (think Lechter Mask), and another jacket (child-sized) was found with it but, was used and the front littered with blood stains. The jacket's construction is of the highest quality. Made for durability and safety; the buckles & hardware are all stainless steel, the straps are all heavy gauge canvas strapping with very thick stitching. The quality of the jacket overall is impeccable as it was found in it's original plastic. It has been worn a handful of times by myself and whoever other brave friends believed they could escape from it: all unsuccessfully. No stains, rips, or fraying will be found on the piece. The canvas and strapping are all very stiff still since it's never really been used. Not only is this a real medical restraint; but one from one of America's most storied asylums!

The campus of Chestnut Lodge was located on a dwindling number of acres off of route 28 just outside downtown Rockville, MD. The medical facility began it's life as a retreat and soon after was changed to a mental health facility/asylum just after the 1900s. It remained a premier hospital for the wealthy and in it's time housed a number of famous residents. The hospital's confidentiality agreements were some of the first of it's kind and a major draw for well-heeled Americans to leave loved ones without fear of media knowledge. A more detailed history of the place can be found here:

These jackets are not for sale to the general public; or any individual unless accompanied by a prescription. I attempted to find documentation to substantiate everything, but the hospital is gone now and J.T. Posey can't uncover a single item number amongst a large hospital order that happened a few decades ago... I can produce a number of other items that were procured at the same time that have a spray-paint stenciled Property of Chestnut Lodge logo emblazoned onto them.

Mile30 11-19-2012 06:23 AM

SOLD!!! To a nice young lady in El Paso; she just earned her Master's in Psychology and bought it as a gift for herself. Now if I could only get rid of the Lechter Mask...

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