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Blivit 10-23-2012 06:26 AM

For Sale: 2003 zx3 eap svt

Reason for selling: I am upgrading vehicles.

2003 SVT EAP 1 of 222, 3-door Pitch Black with all options (EAP package, winter package, audiophile and moonroof.) Current Mileage:123,743.

The car came with maintenance records, OASIS reports, Carfax reports and all receipts from when the car was under warranty and in the 2nd owners possession. Under warranty it was well taken care of and it had the following done before I purchased it:

-Brand new Ford valve cover gasket.
-Brand new Ford half-shaft bearing(s)
-Brand new Ford rear wheel bearings.
-Brand new Ford TSB clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
-Brand new Ford front O2 sensor.
-Brand new Ford alternator.

The car has the following modifications: (some were there when I purchased and others I did myself)

-Euro Grille (installed prior to my purchase)
-Steeda STS (installed prior to my purchase)
-Off road pipe (installed by me)
-Rear VF motor mount. (installed prior to my purchase)
-Eibach Pro-Kit Plus (springs, matched shocks and struts and front/rear sway bars.) (installed prior to my purchase)
-Ford Focus all-weather floor mats. (installed prior to my purchase)
-Front and rear rotors and HAWK HPS pads. (installed prior to my purchase
-MSD ignition coil. (installed by me)
-Ford racing blue spark plug wires. (installed by me.)
-K&N drop in filter and removed silencer. (installed by me)
-DDM HID kit for foglamps. (installed by me.)

Tires are good. (installed 2 sets in the time I have owned the car.) Current BFG g-force sport installed at 106k.

I replaced the stock faded headlamps with DEPO replacement units. I also replaced the faded fog lamp housings with ebay stock replacements.

I replaced the timing belt, water pump, valve cover gasket, VCT solenoid and pulleys with Ford parts roughly 2 years ago at around 100,000 miles.

The car was purchased from a former member of both FF and FJ. The owner I purchased from was the second owner making me the 3rd. You can search my posts here and find the listing as this is where I contacted the owner and bought the car. You can see all the questions I asked and what I paid for the car at that time. I purchased the car in 2008 and it was my second SVT.

I will divulge any and all information on the vehicle as I have nothing to hide. It has been well taken care of but was involved in 2 minor accidents. The first, I was rear ended. This required a new rear bumper. The second, I slid in the rain and hit a concrete median at low speed. This required a new bumper,hood and fender. All parts were Ford parts and the work was done in Florida at a shop SCT regularly uses that specializes in Lexus repair so the work was top notch.

Current issues:
-Drivers heated seat element does not work. Passenger side is fine. Here in Florida I do not need it and saw no need to fix.
-IMRC module is bad. Check engine light is on for this. For the right price I will replace prior to selling.
-Brakes need to be done. I started buying parts but have not done the work yet. Again, for the right price I will finish this work.

The car is my daily driver and has been used as an SCT test/development vehicle as I am an engineer with SCT. The car is currently flashed as an ST170 from the UK as I found it ran better that way.

$5000 as-is and I will include the tune file that is currently flashed in the ecu.

For more money I will also include one of our devices to flash the car (you can pick which device you want) and purchase the imrc module.

Blivit 10-24-2012 07:44 AM

Price reduced to 6000. I am ordering a new IMRC actuator that will be included as well.

Blivit 10-25-2012 09:29 AM

Price reduced for the final time to $5000. For that price I will not replace the IMRC, brakes or include an SCT device. I will include the tune file that is in the car. If the car does not sell at this price it will be traded in. I have already worked out the deal on my new car and they are waiting for me to decide what I am doing with this one.

I have had some interest outside of Florida. For the above price I will not ship the car.

Blivit 10-26-2012 08:11 PM

Bump since I forgot editing does not bump the post.

sgtsmasher 10-26-2012 08:20 PM

damn man if i had the money i would GL with the sale

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