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mjmallon 08-03-2012 10:58 PM

For Sale: 2004 PZEV/2.3 Duratec Sedan
Well, some of the older folks here might remember my project car from 2007-8 timeframe, sadly, personal medical circumstances have lead to my no longer being able to drive.

Asking: $7000 OBO
Location: Azusa, CA.
Contact: Please PM me here for email address, phone number, etc. if interested.

Base model: 2004 LX sedan in CD silver, 2.3L Duratec/PZEV engine, and mtx-75 manual transmission. Mileage: 60,634 as of 8/1/2012.
(the pictures below are old, but aside from the shift knob, the car is unchanged, it has not been driven except for smog/registration/oil changes, etc. since march 2009.)

KBB lists the car, not including/accounting for the SVT brakes, SVT suspension, SVT/MACH HID headlights, or the SVT/EAP Recaro Seats at $5,700 for Very Good condition, private sale. The brakes, suspension and headlights were all brand new, FRPP kits, installed around the 40,000 mileage mark. I don't remember the exact pricing, but the brakes were around $1000, headlights $900, and suspension $400. The seats were from a totaled SVT, with their side-airbags intact (i.e. no re-packing/re-stitching, all original and in great condition.)


SVT EAP Recaro leather seats, SVT steering wheel, SVT pedals, full factory power windows/mirrors/door locks/ keyless entry conversion, tilt & telescoping steering column, instrument cluster with tach & ST bezel, SVT center console, Factory blaupunkt radio with working AVC, European black dashboard air vents, european illuminated shift knob, Sparco aluminum e-brake handle (with the SVT silver button), custom redlinegoods leather boots, European HVAC dials, Stock shifter cut down ~3inches, intermittent wiper control, door lock switch LED mod, dome light with map lights, replacement ignition cylinder, 2004 SVT owners manual & case, cabin air filter


MACH/HID headlights, SVT mirrors, Painted door handles w/ blanked driver door, Painted door trim, SVT glossy door pillar trim, painted trunk handle, SVT degas cover, st170 upper radiator grille with "moondust silver" surround, european 1998 lower radiator grille, factory foglight conversion, clear corner sidemarker lights, 2005+ SAP2 style spoiler, and of course its been debadged.

Engine, Performance, Etc:

SVT 2003 5-spoke 17" wheels with 215/45ZR17 goodyear eagle f1 all season tires, FRPP SVT brakes (calipers painted black), FRPP SVT suspension, Roush 22mm rear swaybar with polyurethane bushings and endlinks, Prothane polyurethane front swaybar bushings, ST Focus exhaust, Cosworth balance shaft delete, Russell stainless steel brake lines, Russell speed bleeders, Focussport front strut bar, custom rear stress bar, P-51 rear shims, Brisk LGS spark plugs, F2 Oil sump baffle

NOTE: I intended to replace all 4 interior door panels after the power window/door/etc., conversion was completed, and add matching perforated black leather accents. I have the leather pieces still, but unfortunately one of the door panels I ordered was damaged, and I never found a replacement before I lost my ability to drive. (here's a picture of how it was supposed to look)

NOTE: The SVT EAP Recaro seats were never designed to fit into a Sedan. While the front seats bolted in no problem, the rear seats do not. I had originally intended to have custom brackets welded into the chassis to secure the rear seats, but again, life got in the way. Accordingly, before sale, the rear seats will be removed, and the original rear seats re-installed. You can re-fit the EAP rear seats once you have taken ownership if you like.

TriggersDawn 08-04-2012 12:43 PM

That is nice! GLWS!

oblivion2kx 08-04-2012 03:37 PM

2005 Focus ST back seats are leather and will fit in the back if anyone is worried about the rear seats. GLWS!

mjmallon 08-04-2012 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by oblivion2kx (Post 4292281)
2005 Focus ST back seats are leather and will fit in the back if anyone is worried about the rear seats. GLWS!

Thanks, I didn't know that.

Just to be clear, the EAP rear seats are included of course, I just don't feel comfortable actually signing over the car with them bolted in, since they don't have the proper latches (again, EAP seats were never designed to fit sedans.)

I do have the latches and all bolts from a hatchback, I just never found anyone to weld them into the car for me before I stopped driving.

Thanks for looking everyone, and I am open to offers, please feel free to message me or reply here with any other questions, offers, etc.

mjmallon 08-06-2012 03:21 PM

bump for minor price drop, but again, I'm open to offers :)

Dung1sm 08-06-2012 09:08 PM

this is interesting...

mjmallon 08-14-2012 05:20 PM


still available and open to any offers, I don't really want to part out the car since it runs beautifully, but I might consider selling the seats separately if there's interest.

mjmallon 08-20-2012 10:12 PM

bump, added additional information to the OP to clarify that there's only 20,000 miles, max, on the brakes, suspension and headlights, and all were brand new FRPP kits.

mjmallon 09-26-2012 01:38 PM

bump, still available.

sspanthony 09-27-2012 08:10 PM

Beautiful Car ! Free Bump for great looking car.

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