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vermen1993 06-26-2012 05:14 PM

FS/FT Stock 15" Wheels w/ Tires
a. Your Item Description - Stock 15" Wheels and Tires off of my 2002 SE
b. Your Location - Rochester, NY
c. Your Asking Price - $200 OBO, will ship at buyers expense.
d. Any Related Photos (Optional) - Will Post Below
e. Person placing ad - Vermen1993 (Stefan)
f. Contact Information - Post Here or PM

So as the description says, I'm trying to sell my stock 15" wheels with tires in order to get a new set for the winter. The wheels are in good condition, they are plastidipped black for now to prevent from and harsh road salt from up here in NY, and I will peel it off if the buyer requests. This is just a feeler, so if these don't get sold or traded by the time winter comes around, they're going back on the fofo. The wheels are in a locked container in my garage and wrapped in plastic for the summer for safe keeping. I do not have the lug nut covers, as a shop tech broke them off [facepalm]. But I feel they look better without them. Again these are in good condition, only have around 65K miles on them with a little curbing. I'm willing to trade for pretty much anything that's not a stock wheel from any foci, besides SVT 5's. I'm just looking to change up the look a little so shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no. The tires would be possibly usable for the rest of the summer, but definitely not for winter, as they are almost at the wear bar.

As for pictures, I don't have individual Wheel pics [:(] but I'll do what I can.

With Plastidip (The light made it look like it was peeling, I assure you its completely dipped and solid):

The worst one I'm pretty sure(curbing is on the right side):

The wheels still shine really nicely with the factory metallic paint, no blemishes.

Thanks for looking!


vermen1993 07-28-2012 08:41 AM


Sent from Stefan's Phone

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