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Nickgt40 09-21-2011 11:22 AM

SOLD - Set of 6 Mille Miglia Wheels

Item Description:

USED Mille Miglia Wheels. They are 16"x7" 38mm et. I have 6 (six) of these and they will all go as a set. The two extras were purchased by the previous owner to replace the two that have some slight bends, they would work great as spares and could probably be made round with a little heat and a rubber mallet. These would be GREAT winter wheels or even as a good summer set! Already have 16s? Switch your tires over to these for a much more aggressive look. These are 4x108 so they will fit any Focus from '99-'11 as well as any new generation Fiesta.

Asking/Offering Price: $400 FIRM + Shipping for all 6 wheels.

Your Location: Fresno, CA


I apologize because these are dirty from sitting in the garage. If you would like better or individual pictures please let me know.

Washed 'em up!

Tried them on.

SVT Brakes [:D]

Nickgt40 09-22-2011 03:32 PM

These are nearly perfect offset for 7" wide wheels guys. Keep in mind, at 1 wider and much lower offset than the stock 15x6 or 16x6 wheels these are nearly flush with the fender.

They will give you near the same outer position as a 7.5" 45mm et wheel and look AMAZING in front of SVT brakes. I can get pictures of these wheels on the car on Saturday if anyone needs it.

Focus'd 09-23-2011 03:50 AM

Bump for some nice wheels

Jgrove998 09-23-2011 06:30 AM

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If you were only on the East Coast, these would fit my Merkur perfect....GLWS

Nickgt40 09-24-2011 08:32 PM

The guy who I bought these from had a Merkur, they would look great. Shipping shouldn't be too bad, I'll put three wheels per box and ship two identical boxes.

Nickgt40 09-25-2011 09:17 AM

PMs replied.

Nickgt40 09-27-2011 10:39 PM

Back up.

Nickgt40 09-28-2011 04:39 PM

A few PMs but no serious offers.

Nickgt40 10-02-2011 04:07 AM

Weekend bump.

Nickgt40 10-07-2011 03:30 PM

I got an offer via PM.

These are pending sale.

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