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ISLAND FOCUS 02-06-2010 02:58 PM

For Sale: Rear window spoiler for 2008-2010 sedan!!!!!
Hello, My name is Jim (ISLAND FOCUS) and I am located in eastern Canada. I have for sale two rear window spoilers for the 2008-2010 Ford Focus sedan model but the will fit all other sedan models. I myself have one and I am going to put it on my 2002 Focus sedan. I will ship to the US and Canada and the buyer must pay for the shipping. I am asking $120.00 US dollars per spoiler. These are really really nice. PayPal only as well please.
Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!!!

Here are some pics:
And here is a picture of one that is covered in carbon fiber:
Thanks for checking out my for sale thread!!!![ffrocks]

MikeF2D 02-06-2010 02:59 PM

damnit..if only i wasnt saving for my suspension!!!!!

norcalfocus01 02-06-2010 03:03 PM

Shipping for that from eastern Canada to Cali would be a bitch. Im still waiting for a local part out and off the owner 10 bucks for it.

Lancer211 02-06-2010 03:03 PM

Man.... that's tempting, actually......

MikeF2D 02-06-2010 03:16 PM

just wanna make sure, this will fit the coupe as well?

ISLAND FOCUS 02-06-2010 07:27 PM

Yep! It will fit the coupe.

dirtbiker348 02-06-2010 09:38 PM

has anyone tried to fit one of these to a 00-04 sedan?

Kauai Guy 02-06-2010 11:12 PM

Jim, would you mind putting the spoiler up on top of your rear window and take a pic of it? I've been thinking of getting one of these, but I want to see how it will look. Also if you could PM me the part number [8D] Thanks!

Broncoboy80 02-07-2010 03:10 AM

Ill buy the thing if i can get it to look good on an 03

ISLAND FOCUS 02-07-2010 06:57 AM

I am on my way to Halifax right now for back surgery. I have been waiting for almost two years to get this done and now that I finally got the call I am nervous as hell.Lots of fun. But I will be home in about a week and if these dont sell by then I will put it on my 02 sedan and take some pics. Thanks so much for your patients guys. I will have my laptop with me so I can still answer PM's. Except for tommorow morning though, I will be in La La land while there cutting me open!!! OUCH!!!

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