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Honda Hunter 07-05-2009 04:07 PM

For Sale: The Legendary '99 Colin McRae WRC Replica Custom Show ZX3 (Lots of Photos!)
Hello all.

It's tough for me, but it's time for me to sell the well known '99 McRae Replica ZX3 that has been posted around on these forums since the beginning. I am the second owner of this car, it was purchased by me from Simon Mathews (EuroFordFan), the original owner back around 2005 I believe it was.

This car is a December 1999 Focus ZX3 with a 2.0 Zetec and MTX-75 Manual Transmition. It currently sits with 49,xxx Miles on the Chassis and 40-50k Miles on the Powertrain. The car was originally a Canadian Focus so the Odometer and Speedometer read in Kilometers. The car is fully legal inside the US though, and has been registered in Florida for 4+ years now. All of the import fees and taxes have already been paid for by me. It cost us nearly $1k at the border if I remember correctly to hire an import broker, and for all the paperwork and taxes required to bring the car into the states.

I purchased the car with my father to be built up as the ultimate project car. Focus-Power built an engine, had a turbo, fuel cell, gutted, etc.. Many of you have probably viewed threads that I posted during those times with detailed photos of all the work being done to the car. If you interested in this car, I would recommend that you do a user name search for my name and view some of the old project threads that I started just so you can see how meticulous this car has been treated. It has been owned by a long time experienced Focus tuner, and always maintained and treated in the absolute best ways possible.

We decided to sell all of the high performance parts off the car and return it to a RELIABLE, stock running car that still retained a killer paint job and body work, and would be a comfortable daily driver or show car for a new owner who wants to leave it like it sets, or begin to build it up again like I did.

So that's the gist of it, the built engine, fuel cell, etc were pulled out and sold, and a 'sewing machine running' stock engine has been put back in along with a FULL mint condition interior, factory brake setup, and factory suspension with the addition of some lowering springs.

This car will make an excellent daily driver for anyone who wants a truly bad ass looking Focus. This car turns heads unlike anything else I have ever seen in my years working at speed shops. It develops an ego and forms pride instantly- You can decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :)

Here is a list of the car's current mods and how it will be sold:

-Full BASF Custom Paint Job Replicating the Ford Motorsport '99 Colin McRae/Grist WRC Rally Team (All stripes are fully painted and cleared, sponsors are super high mil printed vinyl. All door jams are painted body color red and even engine was removed and sprayed gloss white. Side moldings shaved, mirrors, hatch strip, and door handles painted)
-MC Rallying WRC front bumper, Wide Body Fender Flares, Upper and Mid Spoilers, Roof Scoop (the original owner told me that the paint and body work alone on this car cost close to $6,000 to complete)
-Hella EDM Spec Front Turn Signals
(There are NO DENTS anywhere on the entire body of this car, it has been garage kept literally its entire life, both by me and the original owner. The paint has some slight scratches here and there and some small chips on the front bumper from normal wear, but nothing large enough to individually note. I can get more detailed with slight imperfections if you're interested. Just call me.)

-Full stock interior minus rear bench installed in MINT condition
-Custom vinyl wrapped headliner
-Sparco pedals
-Sony CD headunit
-Euro passenger side Airbag Pocket
-Battery Professionally Relocated to hatch

-Stock Long block 2.0 Zetec Engine with 40-50k miles, runs absolutely beautiful, idles silent
-Short Ram Intake
-Tubular Shorty Header
-Borla Catback Exhaust with two 16" Magnaflow resonators added (near silent and very streetable)
-MTX-75 Tranny with tight grabbing CenterForce clutch (under 15k miles on clutch, tranny shifts extremely smooth, no sycro grind AT ALL)
-Custom painted valvecover
(Look how clean the Engine Bay, Block and Tranny are on this car!! Spotless.)

-Eibach Sportline Springs
-Low millage factory ZX3 struts
-Eibach rear camber bolts
17"x7" ASA F-1 rims w/ Federal 595 215/45/17 tires (rims ballance true but do have some rash on them, I'd rate their average condition 6 out of 10, tires have about 30% tread left and grip great)
(car will come with an alignment specs print out from 2 weeks ago)

PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you have ANY questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. CALL ME!! I will gladly get more in depth about the car's history over the phone with you and gladly send you more detailed photos of the car. I have 100+ photos I just took this morning 07/05/09 that I will send you, however I cannot post them all.

We can discuss shipping, meeting, price, etc....

This car is a crowd pleaser, and really has a Legendary history both on Focal Jet and Focus Fanatics along with NOPI, etc... It has had a couple of magazine features over the years, and been used in many advertisements. Below are page photos from the car's write up in Performance Auto + Sound Mag. Also, this was the original Focus that MBRP used for development on their super popular Focus Zetec Cat-Back exhaust. That car that you're so familiar with seeing up in MBRP's banner up top of the forums, is actually this car. In fact, if you buy any MBRP exhaust system, including a diesel truck system, there is a photo of this car on MBRP's printed box label graphics still to this day. It's pretty neat. :)

Make sure you take a good look at my photos. They speak for themselves, as I like to leave nothing up to imagination for you to ensure you're satisfaction. Below are some photos of the car over the past years that I feel really highlight it's freshness, and also current condition photos that I took today 07/05/09.

The current "issues" with the car that should be noted are...
-Cracking in the fiberglass of the rear passenger side quarter panel flare (this is from a wider tire rubbing and catching just for a split second a couple years ago) -can be repaired and spot painted easily, view in the photos
-Blinkers and some interior lights are not functioning properly (I am going to continue to problem solve this, call me if you're interested and we'll talk more about this issue)
-Car currently does not have Air Conditioning or Heat. The interior heating/cooling system was removed for weight savings, and never reinstalled, however the new owner can easily put in a system again if they prefer
-The car obviously has no rear bench seat. The rear seat belt and bench mounting brackets were removed when the interior was gutted, so the new owner would have to install new mounting points if they want to install a factory rear bench again.
-There are some mounting holes drilled into the top of the dash where 3 gauge pods used to be mounted. (I can include these gauge pods along with gauges with the purchase of the car, contact me for details)

Also, always do a user name search for me in the classifieds section to see my other items up for sale. I'm always willing to make group item deals.

Thanks so much all, let's keep this car on the forums. :)



(I am open to offers!! Please call me and let's talk.)

Email Address:

Cell Number:


Item Location:

Parkland, Broward County, South Florida

Past Years Vehicle Photos:

Advertisements and Promo

Current Vehicle Photos (Exactly how the car will be sold):

ZX3Tom20 07-06-2009 06:27 PM

I got chubbs for that car.

Jgrove998 07-06-2009 07:08 PM

1 Attachment(s)
wow is all i can say.

Peregrine 07-06-2009 07:50 PM


The only thing missing is a nice set of Sparcos and a roll cage!

HaveBlue83 07-06-2009 08:35 PM

i believe i have seen this car at carlisle in 2003. it was neat. really neat.

great price. lovin it! cage and turbo and its DONE. [:)]

i want that hunter bumper. thats the correct WRC one too. very nice.

tobyboom 07-06-2009 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by Peregrine (Post 2826850)

The only thing missing is a nice set of Sparcos and a roll cage!

Both of which it had at one point!!! This would be such an easy show car with the potential to WIN A LOT!!

FocusRacingAustrali 07-07-2009 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by Peregrine (Post 2826850)

The only thing missing is a nice set of Sparcos and a roll cage!

And a WRC wing to top it off but wow is all I can say about this car

Honda Hunter 07-08-2009 12:21 PM

Thanks for the compliments all.

Honda Hunter 07-15-2009 09:39 AM

Still for sale!

I'm absolutely open to all offers! Just give me a call.


Honda Hunter 07-26-2009 08:01 PM

Price lowered fifteen hundred dollars to $6,495!

Need to sell ASAP!

Please contact me with offers or questions. Thanks!

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