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UnFocusedST 02-22-2009 06:40 PM

For Sale: Duratec oil filter housing with adaptor
Item Description - Oil filter housing from a 2005 2.0L Duratec with adaptor for either and add on oil line, oil pressure or temp gauge. I have used this modified housing for my F2 turbo oil line also an after market oil pressure gauges. The T fitting is 1/4 NPT fitting and is new. The filter housing it self has been used for 28000 miles. Factor oil sensor will fit the T fitting and is nessasary for you car. Also I removed this unit only because I installed the Cosworth Oil cooler. I have had no oil leaks with this set up.

Asking/Offering Price - $25 shipped.

Email Address -

Your Location - Point Mugu Naval Base outside of Camarillo/Oxnard, CA

Pics (if available) -

Here is the housing the way it will be sold. I tried to clean it with what I had as best I could.

Here is a pic when I was installing it with just the pressure guage and stock oil sensor.

Here are some pics of when I had it installed with my oil line and oil pressure gauges. The oil pressure guage is a mechanical guage however this fitting can be used with a eletric sending unit.

UnFocusedST 02-24-2009 08:29 PM


UnFocusedST 02-26-2009 08:34 PM

Price change bumpage. Now $25 shipped.

PRIMOROCKER 04-11-2009 11:59 PM

I'll take it

UnFocusedST 04-12-2009 12:35 AM

Sale pending.

darkstarmotorsports 04-12-2009 08:11 PM

interested if sale doesn't go through

UnFocusedST 04-12-2009 09:26 PM

Okay I'll keep you in mind.

UnFocusedST 04-25-2009 10:45 PM

Back up for sale.

darkstarmotorsports 04-26-2009 04:26 PM

PM sent

afraziaaaa 06-14-2009 06:08 PM

Still for sale?

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