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AaronMC 06-14-2004 04:28 PM

Kenwood tape, Kenwood 10-disc, MA Audio Line driver
I've got a Kenwood tape deck with MASK ability (the enitre face flips around and hides). A kenwood 10 Disc CD changer without MP3 capability, and an MA Audio Line Driver (chrome).


As you can see, the parts are in pretty good shape. The chrome on the line driver is a bit smudged, there is a noticable scratch on the top of the changer, and the front of the changer is showing some wear. The tape deck is in fine shape. The face is flawless.

I don't have a picture of it powered up, but it is a 4 color, LCD screen with no cool animations or anything. It is just a badass tape deck. I was stupid about car audio when I bought it, but after owning it I am a diehard Kenwood fan. The deck has exceeded every expectation I had. It does lack a lot of "out of the box" power, so it won't get silly loud. It has 2 pre-outs (F, R) with 2v output. Not like it matters, the line driver bumps that up to 8v. The changer is a very good changer. Well constructed and it only skipped once... when I got rear ended. It reads CD-R's perfectly with no errors.

The line driver is great. When using amps you get a noticable bump in clarity. And if you frequently run your amps hot, this will give you a drop of 5-25 degrees F, depending on ambient. I love this thing.

I'm asking 200 dollars for the mess. I will seriously consider all offers though. If you would like to see more pictures, I can arrange it.

Sound (with changer)- 4
Durability- 5
controls- 4
Goodies- 4
power- 3

CD Changer:
Sound- 4
Durability (antiskip)- 5
controls- 5
Goodies- 1 (um, It reads CD's)
Power- na

Line Driver:
Sound- 5
Durability- 5
Controls- 5
Goodies- 2
Power- 5

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