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scironzts 10-02-2003 08:21 PM

8-point roll cage *MUST GO*
Hey guys. I've decided against installing my roll cage in my car. Other plans for the interior, and this just won't work.

It's all custom bent for the Focus by S&W Race Cars (PA). Tubes are cut longer to fit both the hatchback style or the sedan (just have to cut some off for it to fit the ZX3). Has a nice thick coat of primer on it, so it's ready to be painted to whatever finish you like.

Comes complete with installation instructions and warranty.

Asking $125 hand-carried. Would prefer to sell local, as it's not exactly the smallest, or lightest, thing to ship, but WILL SHIP, asking $175 shipped. Reply here, or email me at focus@****


mofocus 10-02-2003 10:14 PM

ok does it weld in or bolt in, and what you want for shipping to Rockwall, TX 75032?

scironzts 10-03-2003 06:03 AM

It's a weld in... the REAL deal. heh heh. And for shipping... I'd have to get an estimate. I wouldn't be able to box them, so I'd just strap it together, and send the bars as a bundle. The primer would probably get a little messed up that way. But let me know if that's ok with you, and I'll get an estimate.

llama_in_a_focus 10-03-2003 02:06 PM

will you do 150 shipped? or will you trade plus a little cash for it? VERY INTERESTED!!!

scironzts 10-03-2003 09:47 PM

Again, I'd have to get an estimate. I'll let you know.

scironzts 10-05-2003 12:28 AM


jnmarshall 10-05-2003 01:06 AM

I'm very interested. What certifications does it meet? Is it FIA approved?


scironzts 10-05-2003 08:42 AM

^^ here's what they say....

"S&W Race Cars highly recommends that you consult your NHRA or IHRA rule book for proper installation requirements. S&W roll bars and roll cages meet or exceed NHRA, IHRA and NMCA requirements for material size and thickness, but must be installed in accordance with the sanctioning body's guidelines. The NHRA, IHRA & NMCA require a properly installed window net with any roll cage installation, regardless of class."

PM me and we can discuss this further. i want to get it out of here ASAP.

Thatgirl 10-07-2003 09:53 AM

HEY PEOPLE SOMEONE BUY THIS THINGY its not very pretty in the apt.[thumb]

scironzts 10-07-2003 10:51 AM

^^ thanks, baby.

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