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focus_se_01 02-16-2007 02:21 PM

2001 SE Sedan Complete Part Out!!!
Like the title says. . .

I have a rainforest green SE sedan that I'm parting out. I'm parting it out, because I have my new toy.

Parts are:

VIS Racing R32 Front Bumper - $90 PLUS shipping
TYC Black Taillights - $125 shipped
Clear Grille - $50 shipped
Techno R Spoiler - SOLD!!!
VIS Racing Z3 Fenders - SOLD!!!
Gloss Black Mirrors - SOLD!!!

3A Racing Black Leather Seats - $150 PLUS shipping
Weapon R Seat Brackets - $60 shipped

H&R Cup Kit (10K miles) - SOLD!!!
H&R Front Sway Bar (8K Miles) - SOLD!!!
H&R Rear Sway Bar (8K miles) - SOLD!!!
Focus Central Black Strut Tower Brace - SOLD!!!

Head: - $600 shipped
Massive Speed System Cam Cap Bolt Kit
SuperTech Standard Size Valves
Crower Spring Retainers
Eibach Valve Springs
Three Angle Valve Grind
Ported And Polished

Samco Coolant Hoses (Red) - $200 shipped

And I have many stock parts left over.
Example: Radiator, mounts, gauge cluster (w/tach), etc. . .

If you want ANYTHING, just let me know on here, so my inbox doesn't get flooded.


jrgtrain 02-16-2007 02:29 PM

Do you have both stock mirrors? Are they manual?

focus_se_01 02-16-2007 02:31 PM

I have both mirrors. They are power and are painted gloss black.


jrgtrain 02-16-2007 02:32 PM

What are you asking for both sway bars? What size are they?

focus_se_01 02-16-2007 02:40 PM

Front bar is 24mm
New = $215 + shipping
Asking = $125 shipped

Rear bar is 24mm
New = $194 + shipping
Asking = $90 shipped


MACMANN130 02-16-2007 02:40 PM

What do you mean by clear Grille, are you referring to a Euro Grill? If so, please could you post a pic.

focus_se_01 02-16-2007 02:44 PM

^^ Look at the first or last picture I posted.

It has the clear turn signals.


Dubbs005 02-16-2007 02:52 PM

how much are you asking for you seats and headlights?...and what happened to the engine?

focus_se_01 02-16-2007 02:56 PM

I sold the headlights locally, along with the hood.

But for the seats, I would like $150 for both.


Red01Focus 02-16-2007 03:13 PM

Hey i call dibs on the spoiler pm your details where to send payment

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