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brianwitt 02-06-2006 06:42 PM

Is rear toe adjustable with stock suspension?
For a 2002 Focus (4 door sedan) I know front toe is adjustable but what about rear toe? When doing a search on this site I have found people suggesting that toe is adjustable in the rear while others say only camber is adjustable in the rear. My girlfriends left rear tire wear is showing a toe in problem so I took it to get an alignment. They didn't give her a printout though so I don't know if the problem is solved, especially now that I am not even sure it is adjustable for the stock suspension. If it is not adjustable, I suspect something is bent or a bushing is bad. Please let me know what you think.

VenomRogue 02-06-2006 07:15 PM

I dont remember if it is or not, I think it is though.

Take it back to the shop that did it and make them give you a printout.

Cooter13WNY 02-06-2006 07:37 PM

Rear toe is adjustable. It has an oblong bolt back there. Ford also has an updated upper control arm kit for the rear. It is for the inner tire wear. Pushes the camber out +1.0 degree.

brianwitt 02-07-2006 07:25 AM

The camber is fine so I have no inner wear problem right now. With the toe in (it is like the rear driver side wheel is trying to turn around a right hand corner) the tire has gotten alternating high and low spot diagnally across the whole tread. The high and low spots are rather bad now and it shakes the whole car pretty bad. I've got some new rims and rear tires coming shortly, I'm just hoping the to make sure the alignment is correct before putting them on. I suppose I will get a printout to be on the safe side.

WD40 02-07-2006 06:21 PM

Toe is completely adjustable on the's the camber that isn't...
Not to confuse the issue, but the adjustment for the toe will change the camber,
but it will barely be measurable.
All the way in (toe out), versus all the way out (toe in) only changed the camber by 1/4.

Check the following pic:
Those two gold colored eccentric bolts in the center of the lower crossmember are what's used to adjust the toe.
(Shown on either side of the 2X4 on the jack plate)

brianwitt 02-13-2006 11:23 AM

Thanks guys, it makes sence to me now. I knew about the eccentric bolts attaching the lower control arm to the crossmember but incorrectly assumed they were directly inward of the center of the hub and that adjusting the lower control arm in or out would change camber by pulling the bottom of the tire in or pushing it out. It makes sense that if these bolts attaching the rear lower control arm are off-center rearward of the center axis of the hub that it would adjust the toe instead. I see in my service manual now where it talks about this being for rear toe adjustment.

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