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admin 10-09-2005 03:14 AM

I was bored, so I put this together. Perhaps a sticky from the mods?

Here you will find everything you need to know about aftermarket suspensions for the Ford Focus. Spring rates, ride heights, impressions on the suspension, prices, pictures, etc...

If you own an SVT, subtract about .75" from the ride height drop, as the SVT comes lowered from the factory.

Please PM me if you find any errors or have things to add that I missed. Thanks.

Items listed like this with all available information.

Approximate Price:

Full Suspension Kits


F: 129 lb/in
R: 157 lb/in



Very good daily driven set-up. Tends towards understeer, but that can be dialed out. Not that large of a drop, but great compromise of comfort and handling.

Eibach Pro-System:

F: 137 lb/in
R: 171 lb/in


$489+ (Pro-System Plus includes Eibach Anti-Sway Bars)

A slight step up from the SVT kit, still a little understeery, but another great compromise of daily driving and good handling. Covers most people's needs in the ride, drop, and handling departments.

With 18's:

Eibach Sport-System

F: 131~262 lb/in
R: 102~171 lb/in



The drop gives a great looking stance with 17" wheels and the right size tires. Big improvement of handling is easily noticed compared to stock setup. Not too stiff, not too loose some consider it just right. Add some other suspension parts (sway bars, strut bar, etc...), and you're all set for an excellent ride. Tire choice is important, as some of the larger 16" and 17" tire sizes will rub without fender modification.

H&R Cup Kit

Somewhere in the 200's.



Very extreme drop, and a rather stiff ride. Not for those in search of comfort. However, I had this kit for about 6 months and I loved every minute of it. It was extremely well balanced, looked amazing, and wasn't too rough. It does require either low profile tires or fender modification to avoid tire rubbing, however. With an H&R Rear Sway Bar to compliment it, this kit simply rotated. Felt like RWD at times.

Koni Sport Kit




I do not know much about this kit, other than that it costs the exact same amount of money as
brand new Koni shocks and struts, without the springs. Also, the Koni shocks and struts are adjustable, which means they can be soft for daily driving, and you can turn them up for racing.

KW Sport-Kit


F: 1.75"
R: 1.5"


(I suggest that when you lower your focus you also buy some matching dampers for the springs you purchase, if you do not purchase a kit)

Eibach Pro-Kit

F: 137 lb/in
R: 171 lb/in



Eibach Sportline

F: 131~262 lb/in
R: 102~171 lb/in



Eibach Goldline

F: 140
R: 170


Tein S-Tech

F: 157 lbs/in
R: 179 lbs/in

F: 2.3"
R: 2"



F: 142 lb/in
R: 160 lb/in



H&R Sport




H&R Race

F: 325 lb/in
R: 375 lb/in

F: 2"
R: 1.7"



F: 150lb/in
R: 200lb/in

Come in both a 1.5" and 2" drop.

$159 for 1.5" drop, $109 for 2" drop

1.5" drop:

2" drop:


F: 125~154
R: 165~188




F: 225~275 lb/in
R: 275~325 lb/in







With 18's:

FK Sport


Available in 35-45mm (~1.5") and 60-40mm (~2") drops.


35-45 drop:

60-40 drop:


Eibach Pro-Damper

Ford Racing




Spax V-Sport
(Great non-adjustable damper for lowering springs. Inexpensive substitute to the more expensive adjustable dampers. Work great on almost all lowering springs.)

Spax TA Adjustable

Coilover Kits
(All coilovers offer adjustable heights, from almost stock, to slammed to the ground)


F: 370~460 lb/in
R: 260 lb/in


Believed by most track racers to be the best budget, daily driver set-up for the Focus. EXTREMELY well balanced and corners on rails. Doesn't offer dampening adjustability, but all things considered, doesn't really need it, the dampers are perfect.


F: 370~460 lb/in
R: 260 lb/in


Same thing as the regular coilovers, only with dampening adjustability.

Tein Super Street

F: 280-504lb/in
R: 392lb/in


Ground Control



Ground Control Coilovers come as springs only, and require you to get dampers. The best off-the-shelf match are Konis, however, to truly work correctly, they should be shortened and revalved.





Unknown, over 500.


Bilstein PSS9

F: 370lb/in + 145lb/in helper spring
R: 285lb/in


FK Highsport

F: 400 lb/in
R: 343 lb/in


Eibach Pro-Street

F: 250~350
R: 350~400


KW Variant


Variant 1:

With 18's:



Sway Bars

F: 21mm
R: 20mm

F: 18mm
R: None (All 2005 Focuses except for the ST and SES came without a rear sway bar and will require custom fabricated mounts to use one. Here is a nice example of how to do it:

SVT/S2/Street Edition/ST/SES:
F: 21mm
R: 21mm

F: 24mm $185
R: 24mm $180

Eibach $275:
F: 22mm
R: 25mm

Intrax $240:
F: 22mm
R: 25mm

Progress $120:

Steeda Race $290:
F: 25mm
R: 28.6mm

Suspension Techniques $160:
R: 21mm R or 22mm (listed as 7/8" which is 22.2mm)

F: 22.2mm (7/8") $160
R: 22.2mm (7/8") $160

F: Endlinks $125 ($85 without bushings)
R: 25.4mm $149

Camber Adjustment Kits

Specialty Products Front Camber Plates

Progress Camber Kit

Eibach Rear Camber Bolts

K-Mac Camber Plates

Stress Bars



List last updated 10/9/05.


Foci_Fosho 10-10-2005 10:51 PM

Due to popular request, and due to exploding rate of newbie suspension questions, this will Become stickified to the top of the Suspension forum..

and yeah... all these kits will work on the newer 2005 models.

igor 10-18-2005 10:12 PM

several questions.

1. What is the "Matching Dampers" for the H&R Race Springs.
2. Who's this car?

3. you say that all 05's except ST have no Rear sway bar, BUT when I was looking into 05 SES (the one I bought) the step up from SE suspensions was Rear Sway Bar. Now I m confused and a little upset (cheated ?)

4. You mention the SVT and Eibach Pro Set are the best compromise for actual confort - but are this more or less understeery than Stock setup.

4.5 Not sticking to the kits is there a way to put together a possibly better setup? I want GREAT suspension, but that includes not-jolty ride on whatever surface (if-y-know-w-I-m)

Thanks for the replies.


bigal 10-24-2005 08:10 AM

I updated my pictures of my install method for cars that have no rear mounts. Hope this helps. I just did 40 laps at Roebling Road in Savannah with this setup and the bar never moved so I am satisfied.

svt_gEEk 11-06-2005 06:29 PM

Ummmm, did I just miss it, or was there no explanation of the different dampers? I think I'm going to have to buy new ones as I believe my front ones are shot. Any suggestsions?

Dave 11-07-2005 01:21 PM

As far as dampers is concerned its all about what you want out of your car. If you just want the lower look with spring and still smooth driving characteristics its probably best to go with dampers matched for springs, like the cup kit, or the eibach kit. If you want your car to handle great and see some track use I hear you can't go wrong wioth the koni's, but one thing to think about is adjustablity. From what I read, dampers with 2 adjustments are alot better than one. Takme for instance gaz, the have 2 external adjustments, one on top for rebound, one on bottom for 70% rebound, 30% bump or something like that. So far a all out race vehicle I would assume it would be better to get something along the lines of gaz, or any shock/strut combo that has seperate adustments.

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