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danjitheman 04-01-2013 07:30 PM

Flex lines for rear disc conversion
I've just (almost) installed a rear disc kit on my 2007 Focus hatch. The 17.5 inch rubber brake line comes about 1 inch short of the bracket that retains the hard line. My question is two part. Has anyone else encountered this? The parts were put together from a guy on here, not original kit from Ford, but I cross checked everything and all the parts seem to be right. Second question is does anyone know where to get stainless steel lines for this? The SVT kit from Russell included six lines, the rear having 2 lines per side (one to frame and one to caliper) but I can't see a way of making them work without some sort of adapter. Or would anyone know a part # for a (slightly longer rubber or steel hose)? Sorry this is a long question, anyone can help me out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

sailor 04-02-2013 12:18 PM

I can only answer the first question, NO you aren't the first to run into this problem!

If you don't happen to catch someone who knows the details for your second question soon, try the "search" function on this page to find previous responses since this HAS come up in the past.


felixthecat 04-02-2013 02:27 PM

Hey danjitheman, You'll need a 10mm x 1 female to 10mm x male size 3 hose. I used Earls pt#6300110_ _ ERL. Fill in the blank w/ the length you need. I used 18''. That'll also work on the front stock or svt calipers too. You''ll find the lines for the front in the Russell kit for svt's are to short. Find a shop that deals w/ Earls & have them order them or make them up for you. Hope that helps you & others.

danjitheman 04-03-2013 01:02 AM

Thanks for the help guys. Ran into a few other problems, so I took it to my mechanic to finish up. We'll see how it goes.

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