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NemesisEnforcer 01-16-2010 11:40 PM

Rear Squeak Solved!
Okay, so as so many of us have posted, the focus has a tendency to develop an annoying squeak/creak when going over bumps. It comes from the rear, and can be on the left or right.

I could not believe people when they said that it could be the e-brake cables, but I secured them anyways. They go through a loop that is bolted to the frame. That bolt can get loose too, and cause its own squeak. The loops are on the sides of the car, about one foot from the rear wheel wells. The big cable goes right through them, so you can't miss em.

BUT, for me, the noise still came from time to time. So, I went under there and really looked all over. Turned out there is a plastic clamp that runs under the rear seat. It gets loose over time, and when you hit a bump, it can move, causing that squeak. It holds the e-brake cable in place further up the car, away from those bigger loops that are about a foot fwd of the rear wheel wells. This clamp is about two feet in from the side of the car, more near the center.

Trust me, when you touch this spot, and you hear the noise, you know IMMEDIATELY that this is what has been driving you nuts. It makes the exact noise I hear in the car. It sits up a bit, recessed under the back seat. I tried to get some pics of the spot for you guys. I put some grease on it, but it also flips over (rotates), and you can then put the cable back into the clamp. When flipped, it tightens right up. No more noise. I dreaded when I first started to go over the usual bumps that cause the problem noise, but boom, no more noise.

The white clamp in the middle is the problem, with the green thing going through it. Its all tight now, in that pic...before, the clamp faced upwards instead of down, and it was loose.
You can see some of the white lithium grease I applied squishing out from under the clamp.

Look for those other hoses/lines you see in the pics, and you will see it.

If you have this damn random rear squeak, check this out. If you try it, post up your results!

Hope this helps. I know it drove me NUTS.

TaylorinAlaska 01-17-2010 11:39 AM

I always thought my spring holder things were misaligned, causing the springs to rub the frame. Well its worth a try, thanks!

fhh02a 01-17-2010 01:51 PM

Ill check that out

NemesisEnforcer 01-17-2010 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by TaylorinAlaska (Post 3109835)
I always thought my spring holder things were misaligned, causing the springs to rub the frame. Well its worth a try, thanks!


Originally Posted by fhh02a (Post 3109978)
Ill check that out

Seriously! I thought it was the springs too. I even did the flip thing. Nope. Was this little clamp the whole time. You have no idea how gratifying it was when I tapped it, and that exact noise occurred...

puppetman 01-18-2010 12:00 PM

hmmm i might have to try this when it gets warmer out. that creak is so DEAD!

NemesisEnforcer 01-18-2010 09:42 PM

kill it!!

has anyone tried this yet, of those who have this issue? id like to hear the feedback.

NemesisEnforcer 01-23-2010 10:32 PM

bump...anyone tried this?

JAMUS 02-01-2010 03:02 PM

i'm still have suspension issues. i have new springs sitting at home. When the weather gets warmer i'm ripping off the rear sway and i'll do this at the same time. I'll post my results in the spring

NemesisEnforcer 02-01-2010 03:16 PM

ur getting that squeak tho?

JAMUS 02-01-2010 03:21 PM

i've had that squeak since i bought the car lol

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