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subtleshift 09-05-2008 09:32 PM

brakes :/
well i just did my brakes and used centrics rotors, and mintex pads...(all around...4 new rotors/pads)

its been over 500 miles now, and the past week or so ive been hearing a squealing first i thought it was something else but im back to thinking its the brakes again...

it seems like it only squeels when im totally stopped and then start to at first i though it could be my clutch, but my clutch is less than a year old so i was like wtf! then when my clutch was totally dis-engaged i heard the squeal again so i was thinking it was the brakes...

im not 100% sure if it is the brakes but was wondering why my new brakes would squeel like this when i ffirst start going?

i was thinking if the brake caliper didnt release all the way, the pad could be touching the rotor too much

or maybe my ebrake cable is too tight and a rear rotor is touching too much..

any other things to check out to fix this squeel...?

anything else it might be?

SVT_BMXer 09-05-2008 11:26 PM

Hmmm that's wierd. I just got the same rotors but with EBC pads and they squeaked like crazy at first but always when I was stopping, not going. Did this start immediately after you did your brakes?

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subtleshift 09-06-2008 10:47 AM

i didnt recognize untill about 350-400 miles of driving...maybe a little less but still...

(although the majority of that driving was on a mini road trip at least 200 miles of driving, but it was trafficy, so i was still going, stop and go...

anyways, it doesnt happen all the time yesterday i tried to go out and get them to squeek and i couldnt do it...i tried stopping lightly to do it, and tried slightly pulling the ebrake up, i tried coming to a complete stop, applying the ebrake, and then starting up again...none of this got it to squeek...

frustrating...that why i was thinking maybe its not my brakes...

i was thinking clutch, but then i heard it the other day while my clutch was disengaged so i was like well good, but damn what is it?

(on a side note, i checked my power steering fluid and it is black as shit, could it be that the fluid isnt lubricating the *rack and pinion* (i think) well enough and that is the squeak...<<<i thought that was possible but not likely as i hear it all the time when im pretty sure my wheel is straight...)

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