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DareDevil03 09-18-2006 04:29 PM

Autocross in SoCal.......need help.
Well, I want to start autocrossing, but I can't seem to find anything in So Cal. And it looks like I don't qualify for the STS class. So I need to find some events and someone that has gone some before her in So Cal.


WD40 09-18-2006 04:35 PM

The only thing keeping you out of STS is the 65mm TB.
IMHO, lose're not gaining that much with it, and it puts you all the way into DSP if you keep it on.

As far as AutoCross locations, I'll let the CA folks chime in, but you might find some more info here:

DareDevil03 09-18-2006 04:37 PM

True, but I'm going turbo soon and an ORP is going on, so I want to keep the TB. Plus, I can't find my stock TB in my garage.[8]

focusedaddiction 09-18-2006 04:53 PM

turbo will through you into street modified anyway so might as well keep the TB

Carrera26 09-18-2006 06:01 PM

There have to be, like, 5+ events every single weekend in SoCal. Use WD40's link or Google "California SCCA" or "Autocross" or "SOLO" and I'm sure you'll find a ton. Even if you just go to your local SCCA sites, they'd likely have a ton more links.

DareDevil03 09-19-2006 02:05 AM

So I who do I get a hold of to register for a number?

Carrera26 09-19-2006 07:47 AM

Visit, you will find all the info that you need there. They have schedules, contact info, and their own forums where you can read up on what's going on and ask any specific regional questions.

zal 09-20-2006 01:17 PM

you have it easy man, there are all kinds of auto-x events in your area, i'd be in heaven

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