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DirtyDeeds 08-31-2006 12:01 PM

Help build the ultimate STS Focus autocross racer
We know how important driver skill is in autocross, but imagine if you will that we already have the best driver available. And after years of winning with Civic SIís, he/she has become bored and is looking for a new challenge. Letís also say that our hypothetical driver has always been a fan of the Ford blue oval and he/she has decided to try to win the SCCA STS championship with a Focus. Remember, our driver is looking for a challenge.

Our driver doesnít know a lot about the Focus, but he/she knows that we (Focus Fanatics) do. Our task is to build the best Focus autocross racer we can. A car capable of presenting a real challenge in STS.

Thatís the back story and hereís the challengeÖ

I thought it would be interesting and maybe even a little fun to see if the folks on this forum could as a group design the ultimate Focus for the SCCA STS class. I picked STS because the Focus has had pretty good success in this class and it wonít break the bank to build a good racer. Iíve listed out the areas that are open to modification in this class and Iíd like to hear from forum members on how you think the car should be modified. Based on the consensus of the responses I receive from the group, Iíll update the thread to reflect what we think a winning Focus would look like for STS.

------------ Starting point --------------

Year and Model: 03 or 05? ST or SVT? SPI?

Engine: Duratec or Zetec? 2.0 or 2.3?

Transmission: Manual 5 spd or 6 spd

------------- Modifications --------------

Air intake: ?
UDP: ?
Tune: ?
Ignition: ?

Springs: ?
Struts: ?
Sway Bars: ?
Camber Adjustment: ?

Rotors: ?
Pads: ?
Lines: ?

Brand: ?
Size: ?
Spacers: ?

Brand: ?
Size: ?

Battery relocation: ?
Seats: ?
Strut Brace: ?
Shifter: ?
Motor mounts: ?

Front camber: ?
Front toe: ?
Rear camber: ?
Rear toe: ?
Front tire pressure: ?
Rear tire pressure: ?

Egz 08-31-2006 12:40 PM

2.3l Duratec Focus ST w/ 5-speed

Air intake: Marcy Motorsport CAI
Exhaust: Borla 2.5"
Tune: SCT Flash
Ignition: N/A

Springs: Koni Coilovers w/ 300#F, 350#R springs
Struts: Koni Coilovers
Sway Bars: H&R front and rear, front set on lowest setting
Camber Adjustment: LCR race camber plates

Rotors: OEM
Pads: Hawk HP+
Lines: Russell Stainless Steel

Brand: Rota or similiar
Size: 15x7
Spacers: No

Brand: Falken Azenis RT-615
Size: 205/50-15

Battery relocation: Maybe (can't remember if its allowed)
Seats: Corbeau (can't remember if fixed-back is allowed)
Strut Brace: I'll pass, but FC bar will work
Shifter: Steeda Tri-Ax
Motor mounts: Stock (IIRC, rear mount is STX)

Front camber: Max negative
Front toe: 1/8" out total
Rear camber: -1*
Rear toe: 0"
Front tire pressure: Depends on course
Rear tire pressure: Depends on course


I went with the ST instead of the 03-04 ZX3 because it comes with a 3.82 gear from the factory, and there isn't much of a weight difference between the two. Only downside is loading and unloading gear at the event.

WD40 08-31-2006 04:06 PM


14.10 ENGINE
G. Any accessory pulleys and belts of the same type (e.g., V-belt,serpentine) as standard may be used.
This allowance applies toaccessory pulleys only (e.g., alternator, water pump, powersteering pump, and crankshaft drive pulleys).
It does not allow replacement, modification, or substitution of pulleys, cogs,gears, or belts which are part of cam, layshaft, or ignition drive or timing systems, etc.
Any crankshaft damper or pulley may be used.
SFI-rated dampers are recommended.
Supercharged cars may not change the effective diameter of any pulley whichdrives the supercharger.
Battery relocation: Maybe (can't remember if its allowed)

The make, model number, and size of the battery may be changedbut not its voltage.
Relocation of the battery or batteries is permitted but not into the passenger compartment.
If the battery is relocated and the original battery tray can be removed by simply unbolting it,
the tray may be removed, or relocated with the battery.
Holes may be drilled for mounting or passage of cables.
Longer cables may be substituted to permit relocation.
The number of battery or batteries may not be changed from stock.
The area behind the rearmost seat is not considered to be within the passenger compartment.
Seats: Corbeau (can't remember if fixed-back is allowed)
Allowed, with exceptions:

B. The driver and front passenger seats may be replaced, with the following restrictions:
The seating surface must be fully upholstered.
The top of the seat, or an attached headrest, may not be below the center of the driverís head.
The seat, not including mounting hardware, must weigh at least 15 pounds.
^^^Nothing about fixed back, which means it's probably not allowed.

Motor mounts: Stock (IIRC, rear mount is STX)
Allowed...all 3 of em:

14.10 ENGINE
H. Engine mounts may be replaced, but must attach in the factory location(s) without additional modification or changes.
Engine position may not be changed.
The volume of metal in a replacement mount may not be increased relative to the volume of metal found in a stock mount for the particular application.
Solid metal mounts are specifically prohibited.
Any non-metallic inserts may be used.
So, there ya go. [thumb]

Egz 08-31-2006 06:44 PM

Yea, that UDP bit was a typo. It should have been N/A, as there is no UDP currently produced for the Duratec.

But thats for the clarification on the rest. Its been a while since I've looked at STS rules.

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