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WD40 08-19-2006 10:31 PM

AutoCross-Foci Representing at Helena Top Gun Challenge
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Foci in formation...ready for battle.
It's our annual Top Gun Challenge.
All the Montana SCCA Regions show up for the mega-blowout event and put their skills to test.
The winning Region goes home with a "travelling" trophy.

From left to right:
FF members WD40 and focusedaddiction, and "Magic" from Great Falls.
^^^All hailing from Montana Region 105-NORPAC.

The black STI on the far left is focusedaddiction's brother's car.

WD40 08-19-2006 10:31 PM

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Butt shot…
Hmmm…I better get my numbers on…

WD40 08-19-2006 10:49 PM

Results so far...after just the first day...anything can happen on day two.
Your's truly, doing double duty as the event's official Solo Safety Steward. [;)]

My class, STS. 4 cars.
1) Myself: 2:28.633
(With one cone...This is the first time ever that I've hit cones every friggin run [?|] )
2) SVT Contour: 2:31.XXX
3) Nicely prepared Rabbit: 2:33.XXX
4) "Magic" in the other SVTF: 2:41.XXX
^^^Yes, that's 2 as in TWO minutes and another 30 seconds. [eek]
Killer course!

focusedaddiction is off in mega-mod SM class.
IIRC, he's in the 2:38.XXX times at the moment, with 5-6 cars in his class.

Looks like 82 cars with 90 drivers showed up.
Not a big event nationally wise, but for us, it's HUGE.

Will have vids when I get to a better connection. [:D]

Have a good evening everyone.
I'm going out to dial in just a hair more toe-out in the front, and hit the sack...hard...been a long day.

WD40 08-20-2006 08:47 PM

Whew! What a couple LONG days.
Yep. [:D] I pulled off 1st in STS out of 5 cars today.
A few more cars showed up to run the 2nd day, and we ended up with 102 drivers total.

I'd love to ramble on about how nice the new rear bar is working out,
but I've got to unload the car, feed the animals, water the lawn, water the plants, get some grub, take a shower...
Hope to get ya some vids soon.
I think you'll like em. [thumb]

SuperFocusMan 08-20-2006 08:50 PM

Is that a hyundai that I see next to the other blue Focus?

bigjordan 08-20-2006 09:00 PM

^^^i was thinkin first gen audi a4

focuson03 08-20-2006 09:05 PM

that's awesome Doug, congrats on another 1st place finish. i just did my first auto cross last weekend and it was awesome. i can't imagine running a course that took over 2 mins to complete, i thought 30 seconds in the car was a lot of work!

Ataru 08-20-2006 10:24 PM


GOOD LORD! I want to see a video of that course!

Congrats on the win man! [:)]

focusedaddiction 08-20-2006 10:36 PM


Originally posted by bigjordan
^^^i was thinkin first gen audi a4
you got it
[thumb] audi A4
whoe, long 2 days! finished 4th or 5th. man am I under modded for this class[:)~]
i'm the only one on street tires[ohcrap] one more points event! must drive faster! lol
will still make 2nd in sm at season end though! barely[eek]
thanks to WD40 i dropped a bunch of sec.s wow! last run my focus thought it was in the WRC & went offroading.....ooops! a little hot on that one[;)] lots of fun this weekend.
STI finished in 3rd. in BSP [thumb]

WD40 08-21-2006 10:59 AM

Thanks for the compliments folks!
The video is loading up on the computer as I'm writting this. [:D]

thanks to WD40 i dropped a bunch of sec.s wow!
Ah man, I'm most humbled. It was my pleasure.
Amazing how much time you can pick up with just a couple "tweaks" in your technique isn't it?
Like...almost 10 seconds was it?? [;)]

GOOD LORD! I want to see a video of that course!

Two and a half minutes! [eek]
We shortened it a bit on the 2nd day, which did get it right at 2 minutes and some change for most folks.

That first day, there were a lot of people coming in and commenting that they were entirely exhausted after their run.
It was suggested we put in a Rest Stop about 1/2 way around the course. [:p]

I just hope our webmaster gets the results posted in a timely manner.
I wasn't able to get a printout last night. [:(]

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