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Klondike 01-12-2006 06:25 PM

Racing with an Automatic
ok, so i should my dad some videos of autocrossing, showed him wd40's and Carrera's, and after watching them he looked at me and said 'looks like it could be a lot of fun' then he further goes on to say that my car being an automatic that i could do damage to the tranny becuase of all the shifting that the car will do, from slowing down and what not. It seems that he is right, seeing how he was a mechanic for the last 20 years of his life. just curious to know how other automatic autoxers are doing, how ther car is holding up, and my focus is also my daily driver. any help is appreciated

W~Phoenix~{RC} 01-13-2006 12:11 AM

My first AutoX experience, I went to an event that Aaron (Carrera) was at. He is a really nice guy and helped me out with a lot of things and showed me the ropes. He even let me ride with him when he drove one of his runs. I have a mildly modified ATX and autocross is so much fun. It's really nice to be able to "keep up" with those more expensive/powerful vehicles that would otherwise own me on a drag strip and it is fun to see what the limits of the car are. I'm really looking forward to the Autocross season this year and see how I do. I've been told that the first best "autox" modifications you can get is suspension and nice tires.


MyBlackST 01-13-2006 09:48 AM

when you ar driving with your ATX at events do yoiu leave it in Drive?

W~Phoenix~{RC} 01-13-2006 03:20 PM

When I was initally learning how to read the cones on the coarse and learn how to properly go into a turn and all that jazz, I left the car in Drive. Now I manu-shift it (Between 1 & 2 mostly) because I feel that I can use the higher RPMs to my advantage while entering/exiting a turn or what-not. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing to do, but I haven't had any problems yet and I seem to have a bit more control when I manu-shift as opposed to just 'Drive'.


Klondike 01-13-2006 04:04 PM

that what i was lookin to get, how the car is holding up after autoxing, i dont wana destroyed my engine/tranny from all the slowing down and speeding up.

f00t 01-13-2006 09:20 PM

if you are gonna auto-x with an atx tranny invest in a good tranny cooler. it will definetly prolong the life of your tranny and they're not that expensive either

..:: sleestak ::.. 01-29-2006 01:37 PM

^^ true dat. Maybe even look into switching your tranny fluid to something a little better than stock, like Royal Purple or the like.

My car is manual so I dont have this worry, but I think Phoenix has the right idea. Probably going between 1&2 would be a good way to do it, since then you know the trany wont put you in the wrong gear coming out of a turn or something.

On a side note, If you ever end up getting an SCT Flasher, the software will allow you to adjust the shift points on your ATX.

Klondike 01-29-2006 07:07 PM

k, it is my daily sriver as well, and i thought royal pirple is more of an extreme kind of fluid, and how long does it last, i should go look at prices, a tune may come later as well

Carrera26 01-30-2006 11:30 AM

There really isn't a whole lot of shifting going on on the autoX course, and I know plenty of people with ATXs in their cars and have never heard a single thing about wear issues. I usually tell people to just stick it in 2 and leave it, as you should be a lot more concerned with the steering wheel and the 2 pedals you DO have... And as far as being rough on the tranny, the best runs are going to come with being smooth and progressive with the controls anyway. If you are stabbing at the brake and gas, and making your tranny work really hard, then you aren't doing it right in the first place...

For example, on an average 60 second course, I might only be hard on the gas or brake about 5-10 seconds total. The rest of the time I am either setting up for, or driving through a turn, where heavy gas or braking would break my momentum or put me off line. It's actually a lot easier on the car than it seems..

I would encourage switching the tranny fluid for something better, as it's a cheap change that won't affect your class and certainly cannot hurt. However, I do not think that it's anything that you should be concerned about either.

Head out to the first event with your dad and both have a go. Let him experience it first-hand and then decide if it's still an issue he is concerned about. I think after experiencing it, he won't have any more worries.

Klondike 01-30-2006 03:39 PM

k cool thanks carrera i feel a bit more confident now!

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