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focus mike 10-31-2005 12:09 AM

first time auto-x'n (mazda)
damnit im lazy. i just typed a 3 page paper so now i have to do it again cause this computer SUCKS! GOD DAMNIT IT SUCKS! DELEATED EVERYTHING ****** MACINCRAP COMPUTERS P.O.S i should throw it at the wall!

ok breath.....10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and breath! ok....

today i went racing mazda cars man i pissed.

ok so yea

ill shortcut this so i dont have to type everything again

i drove the rx-8, the car was awsome it handled great and shifted smooth, it felt heavy imo, when the rotary got spining it really started to "ZOOM ZOOM" the car had fantastic feedback threw the steering wheel. it liked to turn a lot, and would take whatever you threw at it with'n reason. obviously you cant floor it the whole time but it was so easy ACCELERATE ACCLERATE, BRAKE! coast and turn turn turn turn BOOM ACCELERATE AND YOU can just carve corners so well. the car was flying threw turns very smoothly. i drove with cloud burbon some canadian guy cause you have to go to the "school of zoom" before you can play on the other tracks. he says i did very well i told him i raced at gingerman before. so whatever i got to do it two times which was the maximum limit.

mitch goes he loved the car he wants to trade his jetta in for it, its a moddified to hell jetta but he wants a rx-8 cause its more luxurious and it doesnt have 4 doors well besides the suiced doors but still the rx-8 is a very clean looking car and a blast to drive stock.

iwona my gf drives the auto car she says it was fun but i told her to drive the stick car she is ok at stick. so she gets in the car and goes with the stick version and we see her, mitch is like dood iwona is zipin lol i know! hahaha

so that was her 2nd time then..........she she goes again! WTF!!!!! 3 times 3 frickin time! im jealous. she told me mike the guy liked me a lot in the car and asked me if i was her with someone? she was like yea i got a bf. he was like well damn. that sucks...he told her she was a cuttie and he told her he would let her race again since he obvously had a hard-on for her he kept complementing her instead of her driving and she was geting freaked out. i was really HAPPY to race the rx-8 so i was in a good mood and let it slide, im not gunna get in a fight cause someone was hittin on my gf at that moment. still tho.. "i let you drive again cause your a cuttie" man...kinda funny and im still jealous she got to race it 3 TIMES!

second car was the miata

MY FAVORITE CAR THERE, not the fastest not the nimblest but the most fun to drive overall, the interior was awsome! just awsome! the car was so sporty and if wanted a nice sunday sports cruiser to drive around the town with the top down that would be the one. at 170 hp and 2.0 motor it was kinda similar to the svt focus, great road racing car too. my gf loved the miata too. the car was so nice to drive even tho its kinda a chick car i think it was fun to drive. id probably opt for an S2K ive never drivin one but they are probably more fun than the miata but still the miata got a lot of respect from me today. great fun little car to tear up the course with.
mazda impressed me with that lil thing. so fun i cant stress that enough.

3rd car was the 2.3 mazda 3. TOTALLY SUCKED! i cant stress that enough, not even close to anything in any catagories as the miata or rx-8 HOWEVER you must realize i was racing a miata and rx-8 before i got into the 3. so its like apples to oranges.

but i had an auto which was shit. complete shit! i hated it, i hated it, i hated it! totally laged ass. so basically check this out. you floor it and snooze...............4 minutes laters still snooze then it would wind up and decently accelerate. the car had a lot of dipping to when you turned it was designed to be a street car pretty much but i have test driven them and they do ok for a daily driver. i did haul ass tho and beat the clock targeted time was 26 seconds and i got 25 with iwona in the car and i laid on the brakes before i passed the finish line in like 10 feet before the sensors. not many people were getting 26 and up most people were low 30's. FOCUS MIKE WHAT! in ya face! mitch got a 25 too but he didnt have anyone with him and he didnt lay on the breaks. hahaha i shit on him! but he did a great job too and i support that. anyone who beat the clock is pretty good.
im a very competive person but im not a complete competive nazi i wanted to have fun so i took iwona with me in the mazda 3 run.

then she drove and got a uper 27 i kinda helped her threw but she did great on her own. shes probably better than most chick drivers. i seen a girl get a 35 on that track totally sucked.

so that was my first time auto-x'n i thought it was kinda ghetto but was fun as you could tell i had a good time.

road racing > auto-x

and STICK> auto

kinda funny how things with the word auto mostly suck except for machine guns lol.

just figured id post this up to say i did a good job and held it down for ford/mazda! yea yeaaaa baby baby!

now im going to submit this post before this crappy computer deletes it again!

thanks for reading everything first post would have been longer

-mike [:)]

focuSE 10-31-2005 12:16 AM

Was that one of the zoom-zoom live thing??I went there when it was in CA and it was FUN~~!!!!

focus mike 10-31-2005 12:20 AM

yes sir!

JohnMichael 10-31-2005 12:50 AM

Yeah, the 8's are a blast to drive...look really well, and can behave as a luxury sports-car or just a crazy sports-car. One of my best friends has one, and you don't realize you're passing 100mph at all...supersmooth, and great fun. All from a tiny little 1.3liter! [:D]

Oni 10-31-2005 11:41 AM

Here's from when I went to it down in Dallas. It was fairly fun, but I wouldn't make the 3-hour drive again.

I'd personally prefer the MX-5 for autocrossing over the RX-8. At the events I've been to, the MX-5 is always faster stock than the RX-8 stock.

Oni 10-31-2005 11:42 AM

So, focus mike, are you going to start autocrossing your ZX3?

focus mike 10-31-2005 03:07 PM

nope, i like road racing MUCH BETTER

Carrera26 10-31-2005 03:17 PM

Road Racing is the bomb, but the events tend to be more sparse, it's quite a bit more expensive, and it's definitely more dangerous.

You can Auto-X almost every weekend, instead of just waiting weeks and weeks for the next big track event. Just do both...

Oni 11-03-2005 12:57 AM

Road Racing... wow, I don't even know about any of that locally if they even do it (may be an annual thing). Is that typically SCCA sponsored or some other entity?

Carrera26 11-03-2005 08:28 AM

There are usually many groups who do them. SCCA events are usually much more competition oriented events than just open track. NASA does their HPDE events, where you do go out with instructors, and many marque-specific clubs have their own days (BMW, Mustang, Corvette, etc.) but are usually pretty open to allowing anyone in as long as they aren't dangerous and can help them offset the cost of the trackday. Many tracks have their own open days as well.

At Mid-American Motorplex here in Iowa you can pay $300 a year, and $40 per day, and they have open track days all over the place, including just about every wednesday from early spring to late fall.

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