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..:: sleestak ::.. 10-06-2005 03:20 AM

AutoX: Helmets
So I am shopping out helmets and according to the SCCA rules, they require a Snell certified helmet. Shopping around I see tons of DOT approved helmets, but fewer SNELLs.

Can I use a DOT helmet instead?

As far as styles go, I am gathering most of you are using an open faced style helmet. Like to hear your input.

LastRites 10-06-2005 03:47 AM

I don't recall what the current rules require but I picked up a nice snell 2000 I think it is at one of the bike shops downtown. Apex Sports maybe off of weber. They have a massive selection and good prices. I got into a full face with visor on the cheap, just ditched the visor.

Carrera26 10-06-2005 08:34 AM

They are going to go to the SA 2005 (Snell) rating for road racers this year, but as for AutoX as long as you have a brain bucket of some type nobody is going to care.

MyBlackST 10-06-2005 09:00 AM

Actually this is the last year that snell 95 can be used. snell 2000 will be required for auto-x next least in my region...I know they check them. Also, I don't feel safe in an open face helmet. Just my personal feeling though. I mean what good is a helmet if a 3rd of its exposed? You can get som good deals from . they are really good to deal with

Carrera26 10-06-2005 09:45 AM

Helmet Info

Snell 2005 should be available next month for the following season.

..:: sleestak ::.. 10-06-2005 10:50 AM

good input, thanks all.

Seems like on a whole, the car specific helmets ran a little more than what i wanted to spend right now...esp with holidays quickly approaching and my need to still get #'s and such. I will keep shopping around and hit up some of the local shops, as recommended.

Being that i am inside a the car with a windshield in front of me, I dont think I want a facesheild, but a full helmet might be cool.

Carrera26 10-06-2005 11:59 AM

You can get a helmet at Wal-Mart that will be fine for AutoX for about $40-$50. Don't worry about the expensive one right now.

WD40 10-06-2005 03:08 PM

^^^With a SNELL rating?^^^
I never even thought to check there. Though, I try to stay out of that store as much as I can.

I haven't been to any events yet where they haven't checked.
In fact, more than once someone's gone home cause their helmet wasn't up to spec,
and they wouldn't use a loaner.[:(]

Here's a couple more threads with helmet discussions:
Auto-x Helmet question
first auto-x

I paid $80-$90 for mine at a local motorcycle/atv store.
HJC CL-31 (open face) Snell M-2000 rating.

LastRites 10-06-2005 03:12 PM

The region that ..:: sleestak ::.. is in does indeed check and will post a very small "approved rm solo 2005" sticker on the helmet stating that it has been inspected and meets their criteria.

That motorcycle shop I mentioned has some nice helmets. I saw something I wanted online for $99 but being that I couldn't try it on I didn't want to order it. I ended up getting the same helmet at that shop for $107 which wasn't bad. I don't remember the brand but it is some pimp assed italian job [thumb]

Carrera26 10-06-2005 03:52 PM

They never check with us. The Wal-Mart helmets are just DOT or M rated at best. I didn't know any regional events actaully checked the helmet ratings...

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