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BlackNRed01 09-24-2005 06:20 PM

a few questions about autox.
well i wanna start to get into autox next season, and i prettymuch know what the classes are for scaa autox, so my question is this,is it gonna be worth my while to run in the "stock class". or should i justait until i have some suspension stuff done as well then run in stock modified or whatever?

archie 09-24-2005 08:04 PM

start running now if you can. although you are going to be changing your suspension, you can still learn a lot about your car the way it is. plus you will also be getting in the environment and learning tricks all before your new suspension goes on. this way when you mod your suspension you will have some type of driving technique and will know about the best lines, when to brake. you can also develop the left foot braking technique so it cuts down the time it takes for your right foot to move from pedal to pedal. there are many things you can learn now, that will only help you once you mod your car.

LastRites 09-24-2005 08:08 PM

Man I had a blast running in the stock class with my old ZX3. I say do it! Not only run events but try and get into the instructional classes if offered. The Focus is a contender in HS [thumb]

Oni 09-24-2005 08:29 PM

You might check out It's Mazda's free autocross event for a day at different locations. Yes, free.

Just so you know, you're very limited on what you can modify on a stock car before you have to enter another class, and you might find yourself not as competitive in your class. Run in Novice class if you just want to run for fun. No one's going to knock you for having fun, and a lot of people are starting to get into autocross as well (every event there's someone new).

I just started autocrossing as well. Your base class (G Stock) should be fairly competitive. So far, I've placed second in my base class and fourth (out of four cars both times) at the two events I've run. I get to run against another SVT Focus owner, and it's just good fun.

The best advantage to get and keep your car competitive is to buy stock sized rims and fit a pair of R-Comp tires. This is a better advantage over suspension adjustments, and your car is still considered stock as long as the rims are equal to OEM dimensions. Right now with the usual four competitors I run with, I have the highest treadwear rating (400), and it kills my low speed cornerning abilities. Now if it rained.. I might dominate my class, but that's another story...

It's a blast and not nearly as abusive to your car as circuit racing would be. If you haven't spectated at an event, go and check one out. Otherwise, just run in one. It's fun. Trust us!

Samoan 09-24-2005 11:23 PM

The mazda event would have been pretty cool, too bad Katrina had to rear hre ugly head a screw s**t up for me. I have a hard enought time to go to SCCA events and watch. Still havnt made it to one.

focusedaddiction 09-25-2005 08:18 PM

you could only gain experiance if you run in the stock class, no sence in waiting when you could be learning and having a great time to boot'[thumb] ya could always bump to the next class as you modd., you'll be more ready for the next class with at least some experience under your belt![driving]
enjoy, autocrossing is great!!!!

MyBlackST 09-25-2005 08:46 PM

running as your car is now will be a good experience. You will learn how your car reacts and find it's limits. You can build off those. I run in HS and have been doing pretty well. Plus 80% of autocross is the driver. I mean (as an example), There was a Lotus Elise at our last event and I beat him by a few's because he was learning and from viewing it was kinda timmid...on the other hand..there was another on there running the best times of the day. Seat time is the best answer before modding for the stuff...

zx3Fletch 09-25-2005 09:15 PM

go do it....more experience the better....just got back from autox today....yet miserable from all the Rita Rain

Carrera26 09-26-2005 10:10 AM

Don't wait for anything man. Like they said, it's mostly the driver. I run in G-Stock on street tires, with NO mods, and at the Evo school this weekend I ended up just 4 tenths of a second behind a 2002 modified Corvette, ran right with and sometimes beat WRXs and STIs. I was 1 of just 2 guys there with no mods, but I did really well.

Oni 09-26-2005 11:34 AM

One of the fastest stock cars I've ever seen autocross is the Toyota MR2. Holy sh... to give you a comparision of its times vs. the G stock times. Of course, it runs in C stock. My best time was 50.7xx. His fastest time was 44.6xx. The fastest street legal car was, so you can see how it stacks up. He was running on street tires just as I was. Scary, isn't it?

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