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torradan 09-12-2005 05:14 PM

ATX in autocross
I've hunted around and haven't come up with much, other than what is listed in the novice guide sticky.

Any other suggestions? Aside from 'trade it in for a 5 speed".

How I hate the ATX even more now..

Here is a breakdown of (as best I recall) my 5 runs yesterday:

Anywho, during my first run, I left it in drive. I wanted to concentrate on getting a clean run and learning than messing around shifting and such... 65 and some change seconds.

2nd run, left it in 2nd. Still 65 seconds, but the instructor says I wasn't driving hard enough.. something along the lines of grow a set and DRIVE.

3rd run.. left it in first at the start, then to 2nd at the first corner (which was maybe 150ft after the start), and left it.... very slow acceleration no matter how dirty I talked to my car.. 59 seconds

4th run.. first gear at the start, held out around the first corner in 1st, then to 2nd and left it.. at the end of the course and on the way back, I dumped it back to first, and it wanted to stay in 2nd until I jammed on the gas twice really quick, and it seemed to drop back to 1st for me. (Thought the car was going to explode, but never even looked at the dash).. it just kept on accelerating... 58 seconds

5th run.. left it in 1st, brake hold at the start (launched at about 3500). much better acceleration off the start, controlling how much wheel spin i gave it (small chirp then they dug in).. then continued as I did in the 4th run.. 59 seconds + a cone penalty because I was driving WAY too loose. Think I could have gotten to 58 or even 57 again if I drove tighter.

Question is.. although it would take me out of HS, but would a tune help control the shifting a bit? I'm used to old musclecars where you go pick up a B&M shift kit, spend an afternoon with your transmission putting in the plate, bearings, and springs, and get nice crisp shift points and pretty much tell that transmission who the boss is.

BlackNRed01 09-12-2005 07:50 PM

have sct burn you a chip with the optimun shift points for the should work wonders!

lildisco 09-12-2005 08:00 PM

you can check out, hypnotic (wayne) or Turbo Tom. The last 2 have a section in the Vendors section on this forum. I'd recommend the Flasher just for the ease of flashing back to stock and then to your tune.

Clicky Clicky

focusin 09-12-2005 08:04 PM

The SCT will do wonders trust me, but a manual will have more of an advantage in autocross.

MyBlackST 09-12-2005 08:17 PM

I don't think the tune will take you out of HS... but it may help with the drivability on the course. do you know how fast you can get up to in 1st?

torradan 09-12-2005 08:19 PM

I can "try" tomorrow in the parking lot at work, since I show up way before everyone else... i was too busy trying to not get lost yesterday, and never even thought to look at the gages.

Lil PZEV 09-16-2005 10:33 PM

I've Heard that in certain situations the auto can be good, because it can shift faster than any human with a clutch can...

Not sure if that refers to the Focus though, or like Porsches and such. I've also heard you're supposed to turn off OD... but that's it.

DrkKnight614 09-16-2005 11:34 PM

^^^^that would actually make sense....b/c then youll stay in the lower gears longer and ull keep the revs i dont really see the need to go into 4th gear on an autocross course. But yeah a chip will definitly do wonders.

drmike6054 09-16-2005 11:41 PM

You could also get a recalibrated valve body for your atx, I heard it does wonders on how it shifts.

Samoan 09-17-2005 03:44 PM


Originally posted by drmike6054
You could also get a recalibrated valve body for your atx, I heard it does wonders on how it shifts.
You think you could go into some detail about that? I also drive an auto and I'm kinda in the same boat as torradan.

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