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Texas Ghost 07-19-2012 10:16 AM

scca solo in Dallas area
hey guys, im going to my first event, i prolly work run , just going to check it out, they are having an event on August the 12th in cradall at the Dallas Dragway, i was seeing if anyone one here is going, maybe i could hang out with you that day to get a better idea of things, i have been reading online about scca for about 3 weeks everyday now, now i wanna get hands on with it

LiciouzSVT 07-19-2012 10:43 AM

Good luck bro. Come back with the deats!

Texas Ghost 07-19-2012 10:46 AM

for sure, im crunk on this i was just reading the stock class mods i might just race too, the only thing i have on my car is a 67mm tb, but i can swap that out in like 10 minutes

MSC 07-19-2012 11:25 AM

Take your helmet even if you are just going to watch. Also, I think they have a novice class you can run in and leave your mods on.

G-Man's SVTF 07-19-2012 01:01 PM

I love going to the drags or anything I can do with my car. Sounds like fun. Take some pics for us.

Texas Ghost 07-19-2012 11:28 PM

yeah ill take some pics, i have some videos i need to post from drag strip last week im going again tomorrow so ill get more footage im off on sunday so might post then

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