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Techpriest 06-14-2012 12:57 PM

Mirror Khana
The Salina Region of the SCCA in Salina, KS is hosting it's 35th Mirror Khana event this weekend. While I am sure most of you are to far away to join us it is a pretty fun event and a nice break from traditional autocross. You could see if your local region would want to put one on. We have more people at this event than our normal events, pulling people from several states, so it is a good boost for the club.

The course is built like a road course in that if you drive the course you will eventually come around to where you started. No timing system is used. Two cars start at opposite sides of the course. When the flag drops you need to go completely around the course and end up back where you started quicker than the other driver. If you manage to catch the other car you win, cars must keep a safe distance. It is an autocross and all the normal safety rules apply.

We start out in classes, winners go against winners from other classes and finally declare an event winner. In my Focus I don't plan to win the event but I do hope to do well among the STF, STC, STR, GS, HS group.

Since there is no time, you get a few cones free (2-3, can't recall?) and any more than that and you DNF. If both people DNF the one with the least cones wins.

If we have co-drivers that have to run against each other they will take turns going against a stop watch and times will be compared.

I have seen some great racing at these events. They are a lot of fun to watch.

For more info contact me, or check out our website.

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