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tukaniSVT 04-10-2012 04:26 PM

AutoX Adjustments
So ... I have been holding a great lead in the STF division here in Houston, TX.

But I needed to get some opinions on adjustments from you guys.

I still feel that my car isn't pushing it's max just yet ... not being able to use the full ability of my parts.

So for each event, I have changed everything ... and we will be running our 5th event next month.

My specs that I change:
- I have the Hankook RS3 at 225/50/R16 ... my fronts have been set to around 36-38 psi and my back from 37-40psi. I adjust depending on the temps here in Houston.

- I have the KYB Adjustables ... I have been commonly using setting 2 or 3 up front and 6 or 7 in the back. Depending on how hard the turns are ... I sometimes mix up the adjustments in the back as well.
: : I have found that when I go 2 up front and 7 in the back ... it oversteers a bit much, so I am constantly adjusting my driving style to keep in control. Which I feel slows me down because I let off the gas to keep from spinning out.
:: But when I go 3 up front and 6 in the back, the car goes back to hard turning, a bit of understeer. And each time it changes, again depending on the course design and location of our event.

I also have adjustable Toe. I have been playing with 0.15 - 0.10 Negative toe ... I feel the .15 has quite a bit of Oversteer, but the .10 has a just slightly understeer returning. Should I keep this at 0.10 and degrees Negative toe or adjust it to something else?

I feel I am at the verge of finding the right adjustment spot to be able to only have to adjust a little here and there per event, but I wanted to get an opinion from you guys to see what I should be paying attention too.d

I left foot brake and keep the gas on as much as possible ... I just learned more about trail-braking ... do you think trail-braking would be beneficial to the FWD of the Focus? Or just stick with left foot braking?

There's a member in our division that trail-brakes his EVO and he says that helps him plenty. So, that's why I ask.

Oh ... and I have negative 1 degree camber in the back and 0 degree in the front. I am looking at getting some adjustable front camber for the car ... but what do you guys think?



eliaslincoln 04-10-2012 11:16 PM

what spring are you running?

i have agx at the moment and i have to run them at full still. (400lb springs)

im just wondering what your rates might be

GodLovesUgly 04-10-2012 11:21 PM

IMO trail braking works wonders with a FWD car, especially a heavy one like the Focus. Use it, don't abuse it.

sleepyboy 04-10-2012 11:24 PM

You already have my suggestion. Though I would put some stock alignment on the car and then work with that adjusting the shock settings. Then make a small change and run more than one heat that way so as to verify it was the settings that changed and not you.

wrc_fan 04-11-2012 07:58 AM

I don't usually adjust my damping much, so I'm not going to give you input there. It sounds like you have a good feel for how to set that up already.

Rear toe is tough, I don't play around with it much, and I don't know how much you can get out of the car by adjusting it.

I would add a little toe out up front to help your turn in.

RS3s love heat and camber, the focus loves front camber, get some front camber!!!!

Trail braking and Left foot braking go hand in hand. Use trail braking where you can to get the car rotated. I use trail braking a lot, though right now I am finally getting really comfortable with LFB and I'm working on braking harder for shorter durations.

tukaniSVT 04-11-2012 11:39 PM

Thanks guys.

That helps. Yeah, I was told by someone else to get some camber in the front ... but that was from one of our many miata guys. lol.

I wanted to get some opinion from the Focus Community first.

I will look into adjusting the Front Camber. I don't have an adjust able front yet ... but will soon.

eliaslincoln - > I am sitting on the H&R race springs. Which if I remember are just shy of 400lbs/in

I am also running with the Stock front sway and Eibach Rear.


tukaniSVT 04-11-2012 11:40 PM

What do you guys think about deleting the front Sway?

Some of the Civic guys have told me try that ... but I am hesitant.


sleepyboy 04-11-2012 11:46 PM

I wouldn't it would increase body roll up front. I would upgrade the rear bar to the big race bar IMO. Of course then you could sell me your Eibach one mwhahahaha

tukaniSVT 04-12-2012 12:11 AM

LOL ... I thought you didn't want to modify the SVT Paul ... [:p]

Just saying what one of the guys told me to try out.


sleepyboy 04-12-2012 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by tukaniSVT (Post 4105444)
LOL ... I thought you didn't want to modify the SVT Paul ... [:p]

Just saying what one of the guys told me to try out.


Who said it would go on the SVT [:p]

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