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mikeb0916 01-08-2012 08:15 PM

First event of 2012
Well, today was the first event for 2012 for the club that I race with (martin sports car club), and it was nice to be out in the focus again.

I was debating on what class to run, as I don't feel like I have as much fun in a single car class. This year we are running a 'pro' class where times are adjusted by your respective class pax number. If I didn't cone on my last run, I might have ended up 4th or 5th, but I ended up 8th out of the 11 entries.

I might try again the next few times and see how I end up, assuming I'm not co-driving my buddies STR-prepped s2000. I have a feeling I will end up running as a single car in STF just to be able to bring a class trophy home at the end of the year.

Anyways, I leave you guys with this (it's a bad picture someone grabbed as I was coming from right to left in the picture):

(no cones in this picture were harmed [grinking] )

tukaniSVT 01-08-2012 09:37 PM

Nice ... we started ours today as well.

And I head you on the STF class, definitely threw me off this morning and forgot my fellow competitors (The Civics) are out of the class.

We have plenty of people in Houston that run through the Spring and Summer ... so I will stay in the class for when those people come around. And I still set my goals against the civics even though we are not in the same class anymore.


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