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bringler26 04-22-2011 03:56 PM

Ran my first event of the season. Now I have some questions
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So i ran the first event of my season last weekend and I'm now starting to get way more serious to the autox game. This is my 3rd year and I plan on making it my first full season. I already am thinking of what needs to be done to become more competitive in ST.

Here is a list of my mods some of which were on the car from previous owner and others were added before I got into autox

So far my car has Svt header, full 2.25in exhaust cat back, Steeda Sri, Steeda tri ax short throw, steeda upper front stress bar(utterly useless but looks cool) Svt suspension(needs upgraded baaaddddlllyyy!), 16x7.5 wheels with BF goodrich g force sports(once burned up going to change to dunlop star specs),

Ok so now that I have all of my mods listed out here is my question. I want to prepare a list of things to save for for next season. What type suspension would you advise? I've been researching coil-overs and so far I'm thinking of going KW V2's or bilstein Pss9's. Any other tips. My driver mod needs upgraded too [chairfall]

wrc_fan 04-22-2011 04:24 PM

My recommendation, get some tires and work on the driver mod. ST is going to change, and you'll want to consider how the focus fits into the 2012 ST before doing serious mods. It all depends on where you want to go in the future.

Are you running camberplates? I found going to LCR plates on my focus dramatically improved my cornering grip when I ran in ST.

bringler26 04-22-2011 05:01 PM

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No I do not have camber plates. I'll look into those though I didnt even really think of it at least from the stand point of using them now. I'm hoping after a full season this year my driver mod will be improved.

GodLovesUgly 04-22-2011 06:48 PM

seat time seat time seat time.
i think the mods you have should be fine for now. i'm really against modding the crap out of your car for the sake of being competitive. that's only going to hide bad habits and in the end you'll still be slower than you could have been if you worked on driver skills first.

but if you must mod the car now, then suspension and tires is the name of the game. it
all depends on how serious and competitive you want to be? national level? local level? the focus can hold it's own locally, nationally, that's another story.
koni yellows and h&r race springs will be perfectly fine for local events. coilovers may be overkill at this point. you will want a rear sway bar for sure. it helps with the wrong wheel drive. i'd say a 23mm rsb paired with an SVT front should be fine for now.
IMO a harness is very important with our cars.. our seats don't hold you in place very well.. SVT seats do help, but i still need a harness with mine. upgrade your brake pads, hawks will give you the bite you need/want. bushings will help.
oh did i mention seat time??

at the end of the day, go out to as many events as you can, let experienced drivers slide your car around and you will see what the limits are. ask questions on what lines they are taking and remember, slow in, fast out!

bringler26 04-22-2011 06:57 PM

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Thanks GLU! I really dont want to mod the crap out of my car and plan on being locally competitive for now but one day maybe I'll have money and try to go national.

I just know that I tore off one of my splash guards due to body roll and a small bump in a turn. Messed my fender up slightly... I kind off want to do the suspension once and be done. I currently have hps pads up front.

Like I said right now I want to start getting a list of things so I can budget myself accordingly for next season. I will only get tires if the ones I have no get worn out and I won't get suspension until next year because like you stated I need practice before I upgrade.

I'll have to look into a harness for sure though holding my self into the seat sucked for sure even with some of the tricks experienced drivers have taught me,

GodLovesUgly 04-22-2011 07:19 PM

you're welcome.

i did the same thing with my wheel-well, so after that i bought a stock suspension from the market place as a "refresher" it was used, but definitely an upgrade from what the car had.
haven't had rubbing issues since. maybe you can do the same now?

also something that helped, although not much, is i swapped in an unbreakable motor mount. (when i ran ST) it really made the switch from 1st to 2nd a ton better. ESPECIALLY when the shift point was at a pesky obstacle.. it helped regain control of the car with hard shift. also with those rough drag-start styles.

bringler26 04-22-2011 07:26 PM

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Well the svt stuff on the car is still freshish it has less than 30k mi on it. Ive been considering doing all the motor mounts, but if I do all only the dog bone with aftermarket and the other two with oem replacements. 120k and close to 50k of those are since Ive owned it and they haven't been easy miles lol

bringler26 05-11-2011 10:06 PM

camber plate?
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OK well the time has come for me to purchase camber plates, but FSwerks seems to be the only company making them still(that I can find) and they say they are for coilovers only where should I look?

I know capaldi used to make some but not anymore

wrc_fan 05-11-2011 10:52 PM

Yeah, unfortunately, the only options are used capaldi's or K-mac.

bringler26 05-11-2011 10:59 PM

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k-mac were the third ones I couldnt think of! do you have any decent pictures the one on their website kind of sucks!

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