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Usagi 11-01-2010 12:26 PM

Entered into my 1st AutoX
This should be fun, and i'll take a bunch of pictures!!

Also, anything i really need to know, this being my first competition style event ever? the ODR-SCCA has a good site, and i feel i'm prepared, but feel free to share any experiences of note to a first time driver?

GodLovesUgly 11-01-2010 08:57 PM

at my first autocross i was super nervous & very intimidated. but as soon as those 40 seconds of my first run were done, i knew i'd be doing this for a very long time to come! it is a very nice stress reliever, i can't think of a better way to clear ones mind. seriously, my mind is completely focused on driving and nothing else. it's a great feeling. to tell you the truth, i still get nervous before my first run at an event. i'm pretty sure there are even experienced drivers that get nervous before run #1. or maybe they get nervous before that last run where they need two tenths to take the class lead.
for us "cone dodgin," "parkin lot thrashin" cone heads, it's a rush like no other!

my advice is to go and have a complete blast!

"if in doubt, flat out!"

Usagi 11-08-2010 06:50 AM

I went, i saw, i got lost. Every time. lol

Had an absolute blast though. The last run i HAD the course DOWN until i made the mistake of looking down. From what other drivers were saying, the course laid this month was "very busy". I'm hoping to do better next month. Or at the next event in 2 weeks. Haven't decided yet, lol.

I know i'm about to go broke on this stuff, lol.

Also, even on stock dampers w/ 100,000+ miles on 'em, the car is WAY faster than me so far.

GodLovesUgly 11-08-2010 03:03 PM

i'm glad you had a good time! so you spent some time lost in the sea of cones, eh?? haha luckily i didn't get lost once my first season. maybe that means i wasn't going fast enough?? looking ahead was the most difficult thing i tried to grasp this year. you'll catch on.

really, other then entry fees it's not that expensive to go slide your car around. when you get serious and competitive is when it starts costing a ton!

hey, body roll just keeps the ride interesting!

Usagi 11-08-2010 07:49 PM

Oh i'm hooked. No doubt about that. can't wait for the next event!

Malibooya 11-09-2010 07:09 PM

Sounds great man, glad you're having fun. Would love to AutoX myself in the Malibu, it might surprise some people with the Altimax HP's. I'd come down there myself if I was closer.

You should take video to help you get better. [thumb]

lildude1989 01-24-2011 08:03 AM

i thought i was the only one who got nervous at their first run. i do it every time, and then you go an are like.... this is amazing. i can do this.

but ya i get so nervous i almost make myself sick :(

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