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ThatOneFocusGuy 04-26-2009 09:03 PM

What class would I be in?
Dont' really understand what class I would be in [scratch]. Want to be in ST maxed out. Heres my mods.

-FC intake with SVT snorkle
-Thermal R&D cat-back
-FC header and flex
-SVT 17'' wheels with 215/45 Trazano tires

Tugboat 04-27-2009 01:40 AM

If you still have your cat then you would be in ST but if that header deleted it that would put you in FSP i believe.

wrc_fan 04-27-2009 10:26 AM

If you have a Cat in the OE location:
If you have a aftermarket CAT with 6 inches of the OE location:
If you have no CAT (cats are overrated:P) FSP for you. That's where all the cool Foci aspire to be anyway \/\/

ThatOneFocusGuy 04-27-2009 08:15 PM

What else can I do to my car to make it better for FSP class? Pulleys? Cam gears? Cams? Anti-roll bars?

steve35svt 04-27-2009 08:50 PM

Can't touch cams in street prepared.

wrc_fan 04-28-2009 07:11 AM

Wheels and tires

wrc_fan 04-28-2009 12:09 PM

Also, some local regions may not care that much if you are running without a Cat, but it really depends on region to region.

ThatOneFocusGuy 04-28-2009 08:43 PM

Can someone give me a link to a FSP class restrictions chart of some kind?


xShiFTx 04-28-2009 10:57 PM

Check out this list for a little bit of info, it isn't a complete list but it is a start.

wrc_fan 04-29-2009 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by ThatOneFocusGuy (Post 2720004)
Can someone give me a link to a FSP class restrictions chart of some kind?


Check my FSP build thread, I am building a focus specifically for FSP.

Here's a quick breakdown/summary on allowable mods, check the rules for details:
Any air intake, any throttle, any intake manifold, mild port matching between intake mani and head (See rules for details), any exhaust header, any exhaust that terminates behind the driver
Internals, Cams, Head, must all remain stock. Cam gears may be added to adjust cam timing. Rotating parts cannot be lightened, but they can be blueprinted (see rules for limitations). ECU can be reflashed.
Clutch and fly wheel can be changed, any shifter linkage allowed. LSD can be added, or you could weld your diff :D (only for the hardcore)

Wheels and tires:
Any DOT approved tire, no limitation on wheels. You can modify fenders and liners, but you cannot modify the hub or any other suspension component inboard of the hub flange

Any spring and damper, except you must use original mounting configuration. Camber plates and other alignment devices are allowed (see rules for limitations), camber plates and rear camber bolts are OK.
Sway bars are free, poly bushings are OK all around. Engine mounts can be poly, you can't increase the metal/rubber ratio in the mount.

Interior to remain intact expect for the following: Front Seat replacement, steering wheel replacement, stereo delete, speaker delete
Rear spolier and front air dam allowed (rules for limitations)

Misc allowances:
Drums can be upgraded to discs, must bolt on
A/C delete
Emissions delete
Must keep E-brake
Fuel cell meeting GCR can be used
Battery location/type free

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