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svtstu 09-16-2008 06:54 PM

New Tires... Finally
So after spending 2.5 years auto-xing on daily driven all season tires [?|] (a set of continental conti-extreme contacts and a set of pirelli p-zero nero m+s's) I should be running on the 28th with a set of Hankook RS-2's. [8D] Any suggestions on starting pressures? The contis liked 42f 38r and the pirellis like 32f 34r (no that's not a typo, weird, I know) so I (pending other suggestions) will start out at 40f 40r and adjust from there. Also anyone know what the optimum temp on the RS-2's is (the pirellis were around 110 summer tires should be higher) and if they'll need sprayed? And finally any guesses as to how many seconds I'll pick up over a set of corded contis? Thanks guys


1-ST 09-16-2008 08:03 PM

I have no idea on most of your questions, but the 40/40 seems like a good starting point. I have noticed by observation that competitive STS rubber gains about 2 seconds over sporty all seasons, on a 65 second course. Enjoy!

Auto-X-ZTS 09-16-2008 08:36 PM

RS2s have soft-ish sidewalls--don't be afraid to use a fair bit of air. They can overheat, so spraying on warm days is certainly in line. They work best when driven HARD...a toss and catch tire...lots of slip angle.

In 2006 I co-drove a full set-up SVT STS car on 17's...I never really got them to work the way I liked. They are a numb tire in steering feel vs. RT215s...and vs. the newer crop of ST tires. You have to "drive in front of the car" a bit, because they don't turn in "right now" (compared to the Falkens etc.). I used them as daily tires on my ZTS--they were fantastic in that role.

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