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Zewerr 07-12-2008 10:44 PM

More videos from me.
I finally got around to editing these and uploading them. This was at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma. The parking lot is small, so the course is small. The weather was nuts. There was about 10 minutes between runs, yet I would have a wet run, then a dry run, then another wet one. I didn't have my compressor handy to jocky my tire pressures between wet pressures and dry pressures, so when I finally did get some dry runs, my tires were alittle underinflated. First 5 was from the morning session, and the last 4 were from the afternoon. Enjoy. (wet) (wet/dry) (dry) (dry) (dry) (wet w/ spin) (dry) (dry) (wet)

I believe #8 was my fastest scratch time, but I apparently nipped 5 cones off trying to squeeze every little bit of time I could. I can't remember what my official fastest was. I think it might be #7 which was like 2/10ths slower than #8.

I'll probably just keep adding videos to this thread now as I compete.

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