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zetecgt 01-02-2008 08:47 PM

San Antonio, TX, AutoX Sunday January 20, 2008
SASCA's 1st points autocross of 2008 will be on Sunday January 20th at the AT&T Center. The AT&T Center is located at #1 SBC Center, San Antonio, TX, 78219.

IMPORTANT!!! All Drivers MUST have their Proof of Insurance (POI) on
file BEFORE this event. If your POI is already on file, and it hasn't expired yet, you are good to go. See this topic for full details:

Setup starts at 7:00 AM
Registration opens at 8:00 AM
Late registration begins at 9:00 AM (additional $5)
Registration CLOSES at 9:30 AM
Novice Walkthrough at 9:40 AM
Driver's meeting at 10:00 AM
First Car out at 10:30 AM


Overview Map to the site:

Map for entering the AT&T Complex:

Image of the event lot:

Template for designing courses:

Google hybrid map:, %20texas&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=29.430057,-98.439099&spn=0.011213,0.017402&t=h&om=1

__________________________________________________ ____________

That said, I know a lot of you guys are interested in checking it out. As said before, to spectate and do ride alongs are just come out and have a good ol' time! Dress warm!

If you're interested in registering to's the 3 simple steps you have to do.....

*1. Become a member of the SASCA (San Antonio Sportscar Association) forums. This will allow you to stay up to date with the dates and up-to-date news.

Click the link to join:

*2. Email a copy or photo of your Proof of Insurance to SASCA.

The thread about this can be found here:

Or, just email a photo of your POI to (please include your name, screenname, and car info):

*3. Register yourself and your car on DLB Racings website. On this site, you will choose your number and class. If you don't know what class you'll be running in...ask some questions in the AutoX section or search in the SCCA rulebook. If you've never autocrossed before, you'll, by default, be placed in the (N) Novice Class


Seriously guys, it's that easy.

You'll also need a DOT and Snell approved helmet and they do have some loaners....if you don't mind using one.

I went to a pawn shop and picked mine up for $60...really cheap considering most helmets that meet the guidlines are generally $130-$600.

You'll also need some colored masking tape or paper numbers to run on your car. Generally the numbers should be 8 inches tall and your class letters should be 4 inches tall.


DO! Take out your spare tire and jack, floormats, and anything else that could slip around.

Make sure your battery is tied down.

Make sure your tires are in good condition.

If there's anything else I left out, I'm sure I'll add it later!

Hope to see you guys out there!


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