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Co0p3r 09-15-2007 12:58 AM

Axing In Spring..Need Advice.
Ok well you guys turned me on to the whole AXING thing..:) now i was wondering if there were any suggestions on what to purchase to help me in this sport? i dont really need any more performance parts..thinking about handling braking etc...will start axing in spring so throw out some links to good suspension kits etc...if possible :) thanks

LazarusZX3 09-15-2007 03:33 AM

Just race what you've got. If you start buying parts you'll end up the same road I'm on- you'll never finish. There's always something better and faster. The best mod is advancing your own skill.

WeeAsp 09-15-2007 06:19 AM

The only thing you need is a tire pressure gauge.

Set your pressures to 10 psi above factory recommended (for the car) and...


Use this as your baseline. Start throwing mods at the car right away and you won't get any real appreciation of YOUR improvement.

That and you will get frustrated with yourself and the car after spending gozillions worth of dollars and still get beaten because of inexperience.

Not throwing rocks, but that's just the way it works.

eventerke 09-15-2007 09:27 AM

Why are you waiting until spring? Ohio has events coming up:

You'll find all the advice you need posted here already - go through the "Novice guide to autocross" post, and alot of other posts here.

Learn the basics of running an autocross (walking the course, finding the line, etc.) before you throw money at the car.

The stock SVT suspension, engine, and brakes are plenty capable as they come from the factory.

If you absolutely *have* to spend some money, go to the "Focus Power" forum here and get the information on getting Tom's Tune, it is a reflash of the ECU that will vastly improve your enjoyment of the car every day.

Next $$$ you spend should go to seat time - autocrosses and even better, AX schools -
Check out the club links above, sometimes the clubs will host thier own "Novice" schools.
Evo school was the *best* money I've ever spent, and recently our club held a prep school for the state championships where I got an Evo school's worth of experience for $30.

You have *got* to get a baseline of knowledge so you understand what ideal you are working towards, and what any future mods are going to do for you.

Co0p3r 09-15-2007 10:12 AM

I lost liceace..Dont get back untill 29th of Nov..And no..i didnt get a speeding ticket in my SVt...i got it in a 92 Jeep lol..maybe theres something after that?

killer ZETEC 09-28-2007 05:38 AM

a dot legal helmet. that is the only thgig i bought since i started (it's required)

drew03zx3 09-28-2007 07:35 AM

Get some good tires, and have at it. Don't walk in thinking you will do awesome. You will most likely finish last for the first few races. My biggest help came from the people I raced against. I dunno how it is other places, but in the KY Region, everyone is really nice and always willing to give you tips. Just talk to people, especially those in your class. They will give you tips. Ask them what they do.

For example, I run STS. I was talking to this guy who had a 99 si racing in my class. He sayed his biggest improvement was learning slow in, fast out. Meaning slow down before the turn, then speed out of it. I tried it and it shaved a good 2 seconds off my time (and also his, he beat me :D). But yeah, I know I keep saying it, but ask around, especially ask the old guys who have been doing it for a while.

edit: I agree with Killer. Get a helmet. Ususally there aren't enough loaners to go around. I purchased an HJC CS-5 off, and it was like $70 in total shipped to my door. It is D.O.T legal and has a snell 2005 rating. Which I think is all you need for auto-x.

miniboon 09-28-2007 08:11 AM

the three helpful things to have are
1) helmet -loaners are skanky
2) tire pressure gauge and air compressor (nothing fancy, like $20 Target)
3) magnetic numbers (buy magnetic vent covers at home depot -about $3- and cut numbers out)

tiresmoker 09-28-2007 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by miniboon (Post 1775407)
the three helpful things to have are
1) helmet -loaners are skanky
2) tire pressure gauge and air compressor (nothing fancy, like $20 Target)
3) magnetic numbers (buy magnetic vent covers at home depot -about $3- and cut numbers out)

To add to this:

1) don't buy one yet unless you plan on doing this alot. No point in spending 100+ on a helmet and only using it once.

2) Most beginners won't know what to do with tire pressures, but it is good to fill your tires up before and event. Have a pressure gauge, either digital, or the dial type. None of those cheapy 99 cent stick type ones from Autozone.

3) Numbers are always good. I think SCCA states they must be a minimum of 8" tall and class should be minimum of 6" tall. If not there is always painters tape on the window.

But the most important thing is SEAT TIME. Seat time, seat time, seat time, and when you think you've had enough seat time, go to another event and get more seat time. Also, talk to and get to know the seasoned vets, most people are more then willing to help out the new guy.

As far as mods I wouldn't worry about anything to start. Just go out there and run what you have and get experience in it. Because certain mods will throw you into some pretty high classes. Just get out there and have fun, get better, learn your car, then start applying modifications to help you get around the courses faster. But without a baseline to go off of, you'll have nothing to compare it to.

Oh, and one more thing, GO SLOW TO GO FAST. I can't stress that enough. More power and more speed then the other guy does not always equate to a win. Autocross is a technical timed event, which means the better you take a line, sometimes taking it slower then you think, the better you will do. I've seen people go out there and blow through turns because they though faster is better.

It's better to get the car balanced going into the turn slower, rather then understeer right through the other side of the turn. Slow in, power out. Brake in the straights. If your not on the brakes, you should be on the gas.

But most important, SEAT TIME.[:D]

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