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svt2nv04 07-21-2007 10:44 AM

Where can I get performance driving lessons?
hey all! i'm itching to take performance driving lessons but i don't know where's a good place to take them. i really wouldn't care if it was autox or road racing but i prefer road racing. i've heard about how fun it can be and how much you can learn. i'm don't currenty autox or race on a road course but i'd like to learn!

can someone direct me to a website or something for a good driving school?

WD40 07-21-2007 11:21 AM

svt2nv04 07-21-2007 01:24 PM

thanks doug! i also found lessons in WV at summit point raceway a couple hours from where i live.

shlbygt 07-22-2007 11:41 AM

SVTOA runs a very nice program for novice drivers. I instruct for them at various venues across the country and we have many happy customers. Too bad you missed the annual SVTOA event at Summit Point on May 4th& 5th.
We'll be back the same weekend next year. There may be an SVTOA event at Nelson Ledges in late October or early November, but the details have not been worked out yet. The next SVTOA event is in Canada ehh, next weekend just across the border from Niagara Falls. (Only 426 miles from you according to Google.) Information can be found at
I would also recommend Car Guys; they run Summit Point and VIR. My first track event was with them at Summit Point in 1991.
Check out the local Porsche, Audi, and BMW clubs in the area as well. Most clubs offer some form of instruction and do not care about the make of car.
You may want to keep in mind They run two events at Watkins Glen each year. The next one is on August 20th & 21st but it has sold out. I fly or drive across country twice each year to instruct at that event. It is an awesome track and Joe Quaranto runs a very nice program.
Another choice is; they run at Pocono, Lime Rock and Watkins Glen. I have not run with them so I cannot vouch for their program.

BeeFzX3 07-22-2007 12:10 PM

Can't find anything in Bay Area...

shlbygt 07-22-2007 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by BeeFzX3 (Post 1681195)
Can't find anything in Bay Area...

Do you mean you can't find anything in the Bay Area or why did I suggest tracks all over the country.

Fogrider 07-22-2007 01:59 PM

If you want to learn non-sealed surface techniques, I would suggest:

BadIdea 07-23-2007 07:49 AM

NASA is another good group to play with.

I 2nd the PCA/Audi/BMW clubs. That's where I learned how to drive. PCA might not allow non porsche cars in your region simply because they have too many applicants.

And I'd like to check out the svtoa event at the nelson ring. Keep us updated shlbygt!

WD40 07-23-2007 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by shlbygt (Post 1681172)
SVTOA runs a very nice program for novice drivers.

Holy could I forget that one?!

Egz 07-23-2007 01:44 PM

For the region, I think NASA / SVTOA is a great entry level driving education.

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