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SkyPilot 03-07-2012 09:00 AM

>>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYONE- Please Read Before Posting!<<<<<<<<<<<<
[welcome] to the Focus Fanatics Buy-Sell-Trade area. Below are a few BASIC rules to follow when Buying or Selling in this area.

You MUST have 25 posts and have been a member for 30 days before being allowed to post in this area. This rule is in place to help prevent spammers. Again You MUST meet these requirements to post, special privileges to post CANNOT be granted. Once you meet the minimum post and day count it may take the system upto 24 hours to allow you to post a for sale thread.

Your MUST include:

a. Your Item Description
b. Your Location
c. Your Asking Price
d. Any Related Photos (Optional)
e. Person placing ad
f. Contact Information

If this basic info is not included in your post, you will be asked (by mod or another member) to include such info, failure to do so may result in your ad being deleted.

PLEASE update post once item is SOLD, do so by editing your original post and adding "SOLD" to the top line. This is to help the Mod team in closing and removing posts, This makes it easier for a potential buyer to find items for sale.

For a full list of rules please CLICK HERE

Focus Fanatics recommends for your protection as a buyer we encourage you to never send money as a gift. This will absolve the seller of any liabilities should they decide not to send the products.

Focus Fanatics is not liable for buyer-seller transactions. Focus Fanatics team will delete to their discretion if these rules are not followed.

All threads are automatically archived after 90 Days.

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