: ZETEC, SVT & SPI Parts (2000-2004)

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  1. >>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYONE- Please Read Before Posting!<<<<<<<<<<<<
  2. SPI parts
  3. F/S Brand New never installed Spec Stage 2+ Clutch
  4. Used AEM Water/Methanol Kit
  5. For Sale: SVT intake box/snorkle, MSD ignition/wires, SVT MAF, SVT folding mirrors, VF, Scroth belts and ALOT more!!!
  6. Bunch of random turbo parts!
  7. For Sale: Spyder CAI
  8. FS: Zetec JRSC
  9. ZX3 Bosal Catback -- Little use!!!
  10. Low mileage Zetec Header and Cat, MAFs too!
  11. Extreamly rare SPI Focus Central Shorty Header
  12. stuff for sale
  13. Sqrly's Garage Sale
  14. AEM adj. cam gear for Zetec
  15. 65mm TB, SVT seats, Full SVT header kit and more!
  16. qweesy's SVT Garage Sale
  17. Bnib gtx3076
  18. used 02 irmc
  19. Euro / Custom / SVT
  20. Spacers: SVT SHIFTER LINKAGE+ more added
  21. Gutted SVT CAT
  22. Aem cai
  23. zetec aem short ram intake $100 shipped
  24. SVT screaming demon coil pack with focus sport plug wires $90 shipped
  25. For Sale: Various Parts!
  26. greddy oil catch can $70 shipped
  27. For Sale: COMPLETE ZEX wet nitrous kit with extras
  28. FSWerks Stealth Cat replacement
  29. FOR SALE: Kenne Bell boost a pump
  30. svt goodies for sale
  31. SVT powdercoated valve cover kits!!!
  32. NEW stainless flex back exhaust
  33. zetec turbo manifold and downpipe
  34. All my Focus goodies have to go
  35. For Free: Stock Parts
  36. Zetec Parts turbo,header, adjustable cam gears, injectors etc.
  37. Svt parts and xtras
  38. Wrinkle-Red/Black/Blue Custom ZETEC Aluminum Valve Covers - NEW w/Gasket + hardware
  39. New Top Speed turbo manifold for Zetec/SVT
  40. FS - New and used SVT parts
  41. 80 lb/hr Siemens Deka Fuel Injectors
  42. TiAL BOV PTE Intercooler TiAL & Vibrant intercoller piping and clamps
  43. SVT Parts for Sale
  44. Stock SVT Parts
  45. SVT Parts
  46. Svt / zetec. 3 direction radiator cooling hose
  47. FRPP Cylinder Head Complete Package
  48. New Bosal 2.25 cat back, CFM 65mm throttle body, Red Zetec Cam gears, ORP, SVT Cat
  49. Volant intake pipe
  50. SVT Interior!
  51. Focus SVT Engine, GETRAG Trans, ECU, Gauge Cluter, VCT Solenoid plus extras!
  52. Spring Cleaning: GOODIES! Aftermarket and SVT parts
  53. SVT ZX5 red insert door panels
  54. SVT d/s head rest
  55. BRAND NEW WMI Water Methanol Meth Injection Checkvalve with fittings
  56. SVT Cylinder Head for REBUILD
  57. kenne bell boost a pump $175 shipped
  58. Zetec/SVT spa manifold
  59. Volant snorkle
  60. Yellow Depo SVT Fog Lights
  61. Smoked focus markers
  62. SVT Side Skirts
  63. Svt focus performance parts
  64. For Sale: Zetec Trophy Valve cover /Steeda Plug cover
  65. Mach 1 front lip $75 in PA
  66. Brand new ZETEC parts plus poly motor mounts
  67. Parts for sale
  68. svt magnaflow exhaust full cat back.
  69. Carbon Fiber '00-07 inner grab handles - Arlon Monza
  70. SVT Engine and Getrag Transmission
  71. 2003 Focus SVT EAP Parts
  72. For Sale: BNIB Zetec Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensors
  73. SVT MSD Coilpack and Massive Wires
  74. SVT Intake Parts
  75. FS: svt header, svt injectors, svt intake and snorkle
  76. svt rear sway bar
  77. SVT cat and SVT cat-back exhaust for sale
  78. Zetec Parts for Sale
  79. For Sale: Two Built Engines!!!
  80. steeda yellow plug wires Kansas City mo
  81. Svt tb/ tb cover / intake sale manifold / imrc / iacv / brake booster
  82. Parts for Sale Zetec and SVT
  83. svt aem short ram intake
  84. FS: Ford Focus Alternator
  85. Full SVT Header Kit
  86. For sale: Power works
  87. For Sale: svt Aem CAI
  88. '02 zetec sedan part out, 43318
  89. Borla Exhaust
  90. Macdiesel's shifter kit sale
  91. Svt aem cai and f2 oversized throttle body
  92. AEM intake bypas valve
  93. wings west avenger front rear bumper for trade
  94. complete brake hoses svt
  95. WTS CAI, UDP, rear stress bar (WA)
  96. 2000-2004 ford focus parts for sale
  97. Remaining Odd's & End's from parted out '02 SVTF
  98. Diablo mafia, RS shift knob... I need Tune Sale
  99. going boost sale
  100. Macdiesel's pulley sale
  101. Macdiesel's motor mount sale
  102. FS: Zetec Parts JRSC and N.A.
  103. Gauges and Intercooler
  104. Part Out: 2004 EAP SVT Focus
  105. FOR SALE:SVT Block
  107. SVT Borla exhaust - $200
  108. Quaife LSD for SVT Focus
  109. Focus Sport Race Header (Zetec)
  110. 2000-2004 Zetec Parts
  111. SPEC Aluminum flywheel for SVT Focus
  112. Focus SVT Engine, Trans, ECU, etc
  113. Bnib gtx3076
  114. CFM Parts For Sale!
  115. svt upper grill
  116. For Sale: New Steeda SVT Focus Short Throw Shifter
  117. oem bumper lights
  118. rear cargo net
  119. roush turbo
  120. 2.3 Zetec stroker w/CGI block
  121. freeminds garage sale SVT stuff inside
  122. Brand New Ford Fan Resistor and Motorcraft Pigtail
  123. OE SVT Clutch, F/W, PP, SC
  124. SVT rear diffuser for hitch
  125. svt parts/ lowering springs
  126. For Sale: Used ITG pro-filter for SVT
  127. Moog K80406 Front Lower Control Arm - Driver Side
  128. Blue SVT Door Panels & other misc SVT Parts
  129. 2 Big Evo 3 16g turbos, 2 T28 manifolds and a t28 to 16g turbo
  130. for sale
  131. Brand New Motorcraft IACV for 00-04 DOHC Focus
  132. Complete Topspeed turbo kit, EVERYTHING you need! Look!!!
  133. svt mach headlights
  134. Euro radio surround
  135. rs collection front grill
  136. Svtf aem cai, maf
  137. Wts complete svt motor
  138. Various parts
  139. fs: fidanza fly wheel
  140. Svt aem cai
  141. Random Looking Headlights
  142. svt owners manuel case
  143. Random SVT parts
  144. Misc SVT Parts FS
  145. For Sale: J&S Safeguard
  146. For Sale Aem CAI (Zetec)
  147. FS: Svt sonic blue front bumper (CRACKED)
  148. FS: Svt LOWER front grill
  149. FS: SVT lower front lip.
  150. rear svt bumper $175+shipping
  151. Svt header, cfm orp conversion set up
  152. Misc. Svt parts
  153. SVT center exhaust diffuser
  154. For Sale stock zetec parts clutter cleanup
  155. Catalytic Converter & Header
  156. Misc Interior/Exterior SVT/Zetec parts
  157. FS: BNIB CFM HFC, CFM Flex Pipe, Magnaflow CBE, CFM gaskets/poly hangers.
  158. Random svt parts, block crank windage tray
  159. PCV delete and oil catch can
  160. svt injectors
  161. diablo MAFIA
  162. SVT dual fans
  163. SVT oil pan
  164. fs: svt fs/fidanza flywheel
  165. SVT ORP and FSWERKS stealth exhaust
  166. Cfm nitrous line
  167. Svt cfm revised thermostat housing / iacv / stock motor mounts
  168. ZX3 Rear Corner Triangles (also SVT) - Arlon Carbon Fiber
  169. Svt Red/Black Seats (Frt & RR)
  170. For Sale: Focus Central 65mm SVT Throttle Body
  171. For Sale SVT Clutch / Brake Pedal Cover
  172. For Sale: 3 CD Silver SVT Mirror Assemblies
  173. SVT transmission for sale cheep
  174. SVT j&s, Massive Rear Strut bar, fg hood
  175. FS: Focus Central Intake Manifold
  176. Garage Sale!!! Lots of stuff!!!
  177. WTS: Blue SVT Seats
  178. For Sale: SVT / Mach HID Headlights with Factory Pigtails
  179. For Sale: Two SVT Clutch / Brake Pedal covers in nice condition.
  180. FS or TRD : SVT Parts
  181. 04 svt motor spun rod bearings $400
  182. SVT rods
  183. svt/random focus parts.
  184. Venom VCN 1000 Nitrous Kit
  185. For Sale: SVT getrag transmission - 91k miles - $360.00
  186. For Sale: SVT focus Engine - 91k miles
  187. For Sale: Focus SVT header, Cat, and flex pipe! - $300.00 for the whole lot
  188. Mtx75 with Torsen and 4.06.
  189. Svt flex pipe
  190. Svt power steering line and dipstick
  191. Return Fuel System Hanger
  192. FREE SVT parts
  193. SVT Getrag Trans
  194. SVT flywheel bolts
  195. IL:some first gen parts
  196. Zetec Thermostat Housing - Ford OEM
  197. Focus Central 60mm SPI throttle body
  198. 2000 Zetec Engine
  199. FS: Focus Wagon Spoiler
  200. Loads of Stuff!!! SVT/Zetec
  201. Carbon Fiber (REAL) Zetec and SVT Spark plug covers (Group buy 10+)
  202. svt focus parts FS
  203. Garage clean out
  204. SVT motor and trans + more
  205. Complete Svt Head Assembly
  206. CFM throttle body 02.5-04
  207. MSD 6212 Programmable DIS-2 Ignition Box with Distributor
  208. Deatschwerks 42 Lb Fuel Injectors for sale.
  209. For Sale: K&N Drop-in Filter for Zetec
  210. GT500 shifter knobs
  211. Zetec/ SVT CFM under drive pulley upgrade
  212. For sale: Jba long tube header and orp
  213. Svt engine for sale
  214. SVT Engine Parts for sale
  215. A whole lot of random svt and regular focus parts. NEED EM ALL GONE.
  216. SVT Rear Bumper Cover
  217. SVT Cat converter
  218. Svt audiophile 9006 head unit
  219. Svt brake and clutch assembly
  220. New prices For sale SVT Front and 2 rear bumper covers Now with Pics!!!
  221. SVT Front Bumper Cover
  222. New Gates TCK294B DOHC Zetec & SVT Focus Timing Belt Kit
  223. FS: SVT go fast parts
  224. Go fast parts
  225. looking for rare 14" alloy rims
  226. svt parts...... need monneyy
  227. New Zetec Engine
  228. zetec Rover 220 Turbo Intake Manifold
  229. Losts of Zetec and some SVT parts for sale or possibly trade
  230. zetec pnp f.r.p.p head brand new
  231. Doms LCA, ED Carbon Fiber Trunk, Garrett CHRA, SVT Lower Intake Manifold
  232. SVT Cylinder Head
  233. FSWERKS 2.5" Stainless Steel Stealth Exhaust Muffler Race
  234. New Spec Racing Stage 3 Clutch kit and Aluminum Flywheel for SVT
  235. SVT Parts: Coil cover, stock shifter, snorkel, header wrap, dog bone, lower front shield, adj cam gear
  236. CFM parts for sale
  237. FS: two precision turbos
  238. 2000 Intake Manifold and MOON ROOF Handle
  240. Real Carbon Fiber cluster overlay
  241. 2 Pod Gauge Bezel
  242. For Sale: Garage clean out (literally) - SVT and zetec parts
  243. T3/T4 Full turbo kit Brand new
  244. Vortech (non-HO) S/C kit
  245. OBX 4-2-1 Header ZX3 Duratec
  246. 6-point Autopower Bolt-in RollCage
  247. zx3 Shell/Roller
  248. Focus Central Intake Manifold
  249. Svt tranny + linkage, parts engine
  250. 2000-2004 Focus parts for sale!!