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  1. New Militay Section
  2. Introductions to start
  3. If you saw this...
  4. How many countries have you been to?
  5. favorite and most hated parts of basic training
  6. Post your Military Images/Videos Here
  7. What do you guys think of the Navy?
  8. thinking of joining air force
  9. C-17 Crash at Elmendorf
  10. Fall in marines!!
  11. Im thinking of joining the Army Reserve..
  12. Got orders to go IA to Afghanistan
  13. Army PRT
  14. You guys might enjoy this
  15. Getting booted from the Air Force
  16. Rucking!
  17. Ordnance
  18. Happy Veterans Day
  19. supercobra or apache
  20. favorite military aircraft
  21. Job openings!!!!!!!!
  22. AF OPR Review (Funny vid)
  23. Wwiii
  24. your dream MOS and what you actually got
  25. Joining the Air Force
  26. No more reeinlistments for E4 & below 91b10
  27. Get Ready for War..
  28. The Military Machine and Corporate America
  29. Funny Military Acronyms
  30. The army is a bit slow
  31. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  32. military channels best 10's
  33. twin huey gunship
  34. Absolute Abomination.
  35. Serious Question. Anyone in the National Guard?
  36. MCAS Yuma, Air show this weekend
  37. Just missin the freedoms of home.....
  38. Time to help out a fellow Serviceman.......
  39. memorial day
  40. Delta Airlines fails Our Soldiers
  41. Patrol Cap is back!!!!!
  42. Open General?
  43. A rule suggestion for the military
  44. what are you doing for 4 July?
  45. Joining the Army
  46. Enlisting in USAF, suggestions?
  47. my best friend just left for af
  48. Thank You
  49. One more month til USAF BMT!
  50. Happy birthday navy
  51. Going to MEPS.
  52. Happy Birthday Marines!
  53. Looking for Input..
  54. In USAF tech school.
  55. Question about time in service
  56. Anyone stationed on/around Ramstein Airbase?
  57. boys in blue
  58. If this don't ruffle your feathers...
  59. Army recruiters: need some advice regarding DEP
  60. Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT)
  61. results from my ASVAB
  62. Shipping out
  63. Question for Iraq vets about tents
  64. Usmc
  65. Fort Campbell area
  66. Boom operator air force
  67. question before I go to jag
  68. Any of you turds at Fort Bliss
  69. U.S. Marrines
  70. Honoring Veterans Today
  71. 11.12.12 Veteran's Day Perks...FYI
  72. Uss enterprise
  73. Buying a new car while In
  74. Recruiter problems
  75. Military question
  76. Decal faux pas?
  77. Enlisted Air Force question
  78. Deployment and car buying
  79. Advice needed to assemble a U.S. Army cot
  80. Thinking of enlisting
  81. Classifieds sites on Military Bases
  82. Anyone at Fort Benning GA?
  83. all branches I am very saddened by this act:
  84. CARiD has launched a 10% Military discount!