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ANGRY! RArrr! (GLOW Rant, Now WITH Pics!)

You know what really just irks me? People that take one look at an exterior/interior neon setup, and they immediately say "Oh, RICE" or just outright mock you for it. I've heard it all, "Why didn't you spend the money on Performance?" "Aww, you suck! All show and no go!" And those were just some of the lighter comments tossed my way. I just have two words to say to the haters:

**** You.

You want answers to your stupid pointless questions? Fine. Lets talk price first. Spending 200.00 on an entire Glow system for your car (interior tubes, LEDs, exterior kit, etc) is like spending money on clear corners, or a bodykit, or any other exterior 'show' mod. Are bodykits 'rice'? Are rims 'rice'? I think not. Lighting adds a wonderful asthetic value to the car, and if done right, will set you apart. Look around. How many people have the same style rims, and the same style bodykits? Too many. Now look again. How many people have the exact same lighting setup? You can count them on one hand. GLOW makes you unique, GLOW makes you memorable.

And as far as calling it 'rice,' lets explore that for a moment. Typically, people label things/people as 'rice/ricers' because they think that the people doing the modding are expecting these non-'go' mods to add HP, or improve handling etc. WE'RE NOT MENTALLY INFERIOR, people! Using myself as an example, I NEVER thought that adding an underglow kit wuold make me faster, or give me an edge. I fully recognize light does not give ANY HP gains. To insult the lights is one thing. To insult my taste is another thing. But if you go so far as to imply I am stupid for buying them, because YOU think that I think I'm going faster, then you need a swift boot to the taint.

I am just sick and tired of people mocking the 'glow' people because THEY don't like the looks. Guess what? Its NOT YOUR CAR, asshat! If you don't like it, then don't put it on your car. Simple as that.

I LIKE Glow. I like having purple illuminate my feet when I drive. I like seeing the green lite rider bar going back and forth. I like having my neons beat to the music via my Streetglow Music Controller. What I DON'T like is ignorant people assuming that because I am of an asthetically-inclined nature with my car, that they think I'm stupid.

So, next time you see a hot yellow Focus riding on a cloud of purple light, how about instead of immediately drinking a cool glass of haterade and puttin on your ass-hat, you take the time to admire something that someone considers a personal favorite.

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