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Keep blowing Fuse 32


I am a newbie here although I am quite active in some other automotive forums. My wife recently bought a 2001 Focus wagon (estate) with the 2.0L Zetec engine. Twice now fuse #32 (10A) has blown. This takes out the taillights, instrument panel lights, climate control illumination, gearshift illumination and rear wiper as well as some other things that we probably haven't discovered. The emergency blinkers, headlights and brakelights still work.

Any BTDT or ideas on what to check first? The first thing that came to mind is perhaps a bad headlight switch since that component seems to be common to all of the other circuits (according to the Hanes manual), but I thought I'd post here before I start changing components with reckless abandon.

She just called me and said that the fuse blew again so she replaced it with one of the ones I left in the glove compartment which immediately blew when she turned the lights on again. Help, I don't want to pay a dealer to fix this if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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