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SVT owners: Want yellow foglights? How-to inside!

After an endless search on the web for the proper foglight bulb in yellow for my SVT, I gave up. The closest I found was a company called Luminics. They carry a yellow 9005 (which can be modified to fit the SVT for those who do not know) on their site, but the bulb wattage is not listed. I emailed them 5 times, asking for the wattage. They never replied back to me, so I got sick of waiting. A short while after this, I met a guy at a G2G who had done homemade yellow fogs. His name is NV_MY_SVT on The Focus Connection . All credit is given to him. I am simply sharing the wealth with other SVT owners with this simple write up.

Items needed:
7mm socket wrench
paint masking tape
old toothbrush
Paper towels
Krylon™ Stained Glass enamel (yellow) - this can be found at a craft store, Michael's specifically

Allow 15-30 minutes per foglight removal/cleaning
Allow at least 15 minutes in between coats
Allow foglight to dry for at least 1.5 hours ( I suggest 24 hours)

Unplug and remove the bulbs from the foglights. Remove the three (3) 7mm bolts holding the foglight mount to the bumper. There are two (2) lower bolts, one bolt located above the foglight mounting unit. This bolt is a little tricky to find, as you will be "blind" trying to find it. (Meaning you cannot see it, you have to go by feel). Once the three bolts are removed, simply pull the mounting bracket off the car. You will see that there are four (4) 7mm bolts holding the actual foglight to the mounting bracket. Remove all of the bolts. Repeat on the other side of the car.

Once the foglights are removed from the mounting brackets, thouroughly clean them with Windex™ and a paper towel. Once they are dry, spray a small amount of Windex™ on the lense, and scrub with an old toothbrush. You want them as clean as possible, no dead bugs stuck to them. Once they are dry, tape off any area of the foglight that you do not want the yellow paint to touch.


Using the Krylon™ Stained Glass enamel, apply light, even coats to the foglights. I applied two light coats, and the third and final coat was a little heavy. I had some issues with my spray can. The enamel didn't want to come out like typical spray paint. The nozzle kept jamming. If this is the case, simply return the can to the store, and get another. Allow at least 15 minutes in between coats. DO NOT TOUCH the lense when it is wet. You want to allow it to dry for at least 1.5 hours after the final coat. I allowed mine to dry for 24 hours before reinstalling them on the car. Yes, I did drive my car with no foglights in case anyone wondered. I just simply taped off the wiring harness with blue painters masking tape, and tucked them up into other wiring to keep them dry.


Attach the foglight back onto the mounting bracket using the four (4) 7mm bolts. There is only one way for the foglight to go on. Next, put the foglight bulb back into the harness, and attach those to the foglight. This is much simpler than mounting it, then putting the bulb back in. Next, attach the mounting bracket back on to the bumper. You will see that the mounting bracket is side specific, meaning one fits on one side, same with the other. Put the two (2) lower 7 mm bolts back in to hold the mounting bracket in place. This is where it got a little tricky for me. The third 7mm bolt for the top of the mounting bracket was a little tough to get back in "blind." so I removed my headlights, and went in from the top. You do not have to do this, but to me, it made it so much easier. I found that removing my HID's, as much work as that is, was easier than messing with that third bolt. Again, you do not have to do it this way, but I think it is easier.


MOST IMPORTANT - take your time. There is no rush. This is a pretty simple process once you get the lights off the car. If you take your time, allow the paint to dry properly, and follow these instructions, you should have yourself a nice inexpensive appearance mod. IMPORTANT - modify your car at your own risk. Check your local laws regarding light output/color. When painting, the more coats you use, the darker it will be. One coat will get a light yellow, two will get it darker, and so on. I feel that three coats is perfect. My light output is still decent, although I am using modified 9005 Sylvania Silverstars over the stock bulb. PM me if you have questions on how to paint the foglighs, modify a 9005 bulb to fit your SVT, or if you are not sure on how to remove your HID's. I will be more than glad to help anyone that asks

Mods: feel free to sticky this, or put it in the how-to's if you feel necessary.

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