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1) Randy at, I got the Pro-Racer package but had him do an optimized tune for 91 octane (PR is for FI later on)
2) SCT Xcalibrator
3) I purchased the pro racer (so I can make my own tunes once I go FI and comes with the raptor datalogger), think it was $800.
4) About a month
5) First flash took a while, around 15minutes because it downloads your factory tune. Did not have to pull any fuses even though my car is a EAP car. After that car started right up, idle fell fast, I backed out of the garage and took off. I immediately noticed more low end grunt, there was no more surging (I only had surges when cold before) and also noticed that the car pulled a lot better in the midrange as well. I also noticed the DSI switch over sound at 5300 more then I did when it was at 5000RPM. I turned my traction control off, it now went fully off without the ABS intrusion under acceleration and also noticed that ABS still worked fine during braking. I then turned it back on and found the ABS was still part of the TC but only when turned ON (like it should have been from the factory). Overall very pleased, I did the Steeda SR right after the tune, the tune was by far the most noticeable between the two. Between the tune and the SR I have also gained 2mpg average the past 4 tanks of gas.
6) Randy answered every question I had, and continues to work with me on the questions I have had with the Pro-Racer package.
7) Keep in mind this is a 91 octane tune, not 93 like a lot of folks are getting and able to run. Also it might look like I lost torque down low but there are a few reasons it probably looks like this.

For one I also did the Steeda SR between these dyno's, with my stock airbox I was forcing the car to only ingest air from the front intake scoop near the radiator (cooler air temps there vs the side vent was my reasoning). But this also means my entire intake duct work was also ~2ft or so longer which could have helped low end power. However I still think the car launches easier now then it did pretune/preSR, and feels like it pulls the same from 2500RPM-3000RPM as it used to from 3000RPM-3500RPM (there always seemed to be a lull in the powerband up to 3000RPM with the stock tune, then there was a power surge, now it seems like it starts at 2500RPM).

Second, they started my new run at ~3100RPM instead of 2200RPM like last time (dyno was very busy that day). It takes a bit before the ECU fully switches over to WOT and gets things going, which could explain why the numbers start out lower, especially with our VCT. I wish they had started at 2200RPM like before, but they were having tach issues with my car so I didn't notice they were starting so late till after they were done.

And lastly, they had some major issues with my car's tach reading that day. I made 4 runs and this was the only one the tach did not freak out on. My best (3rd) run was actually 155.5whp, but I use the 154.4whp for showing because the tach worked on it. The torque would have obviously been better on the 155.5whp run as well, and the run I am showing was only after a few minutes of cooldown from the 3rd run.

Look at that flat Air/Fuel curve....he nailed it dead on which I did not expect long distance. I was actually hoping I could improve upon it, but there is no sense in doing so when you average 13.15 (NA you shoot for 13.1-13.2)
2004 Sonic Blue SVTF
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