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Originally Posted by oritpro View Post
Apples attitude is crap, but they do make decent products. I simply refuse to pay to play inside their walled garden.

To each their own.
^^^^^ This.


I have nothing against Apple personally but their 'Walled garden' offends me. Everyone talks dirt about MS and their tactics but Apple always gets a pass with their entire lineup being DRM'ed to the exclusion of all others. I refuse to play with a single source supplier no matter how good they think they are even though I like many of their products, I refuse to buy them since they would have defacto control over them by dictating what I can and can't do with something that I paid for.

I have both Nav and the DCT

I have MFT issues. I can't get a playlist to work from WMP no matter what I try. I use a 64GB USB drive and when I reformat the thing MFT treats it like some kind of untrusted leper, it will re-index and build the voice commands several times over about two days and then it trusts it enough to just work. I am using mostly WMA loosless with a mix of some MP3's downloaded from Amazon, most of the cover art is fine but some don't work, why you ask, well there doesn't seem to be any way to tell since I can't find any Ford approved specs for anything. The USB ports, we know they are ver. 2 but does it actually say that anywhere, I don't know but I haven't found it yet. Supported formats, what are they actually, we only find out after we try to use it to see if it works.

Are there any specs on file formats, directory structure, supported album art info (Please extend as far as you please) - NO. There is not a single player for home or car that does not publish this info on the box or website advertising it proudly. I suspect they don't publish it because they don't want to actually support it or be liable for it not working.

Bluetooth?, Please, spare me... Almost all discussions revolve around the Bluetooth "Implementation" on someones phone, if the protocol sucks (Not Standard) then why did they choose it to begin with, never mind, I'll tell you, it's cheap and on every phone. It just doesn't work with MFT because Fords implementation of bluetooth (Called the stack I believe) isn't worth the time it took me to write this rant. Not that I care, I'm bored anyway and my phone is ancient but I can see incoming texts - ONCE - then they disappear into some kind of bit bucket in the ether.

Why not Wi-Fi ??? It's secure, it works and it's fast, not only that but IT IS ALREADY IMPLEMENTED, it just doesn't work like any $99.00 router from Walmart since you cant use a secure password that contains certain characters meaning, they don't care about it, it's a talking point without use in the real world.

About the DCT, I have about 2200 on the car now (Picked up Feb 28th).
First, I can live with it. I just don't understand why Ford chose this particular behavior.

There is no consistency because it is always leaning. Since my driving style changes like my wife's mood swings it never seems to understand what I want from it like a purely mechanical auto would or even a system that SLOWLY adapted. It tries to be all things at all times and fails miserably to do any one thing good (at first, see below). I drive the wife around and it is cranky. Shifting 1st through 3rd with no idea of what gear it should be in or how it should shift, sometimes it gets undecided and decides to wait until it knows what to do, hard shift. Sometimes it goes the exact opposite and decides that the actual pedal position couldn't possibly be what I really want and it lugs, forcing me to press at least 3/4 just to get it to go.

It doesn't take long (best guess so far, about 10 Mins.) for it to figure out the style but while it's doing so, it sucks, after it learns, I really like it.

It seems to hate part throttle turns going up a hill from level ground, you can lug or go fast but sedate normal driving cause it to freak and mindlessly lug or hard shift, sometimes both which makes for an interesting jerking sensation that leaves the driver wondering what is wrong with their car.

There is a current thread about step on pedal, lift off and then reapply to make it jerk, in my normal driving, I don't experience it but in certain situations (the initial hill climb), I can make it do that with a wild abandon that would make anyone question whether 'that' is normal. Yes, it is, for this car. How you drive it dictates how it acts and that, I suspect has a great deal to do with what others are concerned (Raving) about.

Not all but most complaints that I see about the DCT I can replicate by doing something or other, some I see all the time and some I have to purposefully try to cause. It seems to me that driving style has a great deal to do with many of the 'issues' that seem to be prevalent on the board.

I am still learning the DCT and I really like it after the first 10 minutes of the TCM learning curve, once it settles in, it rocks, it's just the initial wait that irritates me but I can live with it now that I think I understand what it's trying to do. I just think that Ford made several mistakes in it's programming that are causing people to hate it.

I absolutely love my car, quirks, re-indexes not withstanding, it is a joy to drive, the wife LOVES the voice recognition and I agree, there is no comparison to anything else out there as far as I know, just learn to speak up and use a clear voice without pauses in the command structure that it was designed for and it is the best system I have ever used.

I believe that Ford is and has been mistaken for not publishing specs (of any sort) on the system, the dearth of information to users is appalling and detracts from what could be a fantastic system instead of being 'not the worst'.

Did I mention that I love my car and they will pry the seat from my cold dead butt long after Obama destroys my ability to buy another new car?

Long live Amsoil - My oil is better than your oil.

My Bypass filter is bigger than your filter.

Platinum White rocks in the sunlight

K&N drop in and snorkel delete is as loud as I want to get

Summer tires suck in a dusting of snow

Rear seat fold down doesn't work if you are over 5 foot 2 and need leg room

The auto lock with 5 key FOB sucks, you have to manually lock it to be sure

I Absolutely love my car

2013 Titanium HB - Handling pkg. - Platinum White
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