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Originally Posted by xxMichaelAnthony View Post
265,000 miles.

I'll try again: With a good filter and proper change intervals for the quality of oil you're using, it'll run forever.
No one suggested that a petroleum oil couldn't deliver long mileage out of an engine. It's the cost savings and performance a top quality synthetic oil can deliver that is the issue.

265,000 miles divided by 3,000 mile petroleum oil changes = a whopping 88 oil changes x say $4.79 per quart x 4 quarts = $19.16 for oil and say about $4.00 for a cheap oil filter, (boy an engine really loves cheap oil filters...not!). That equals $23.16 per oil change x 7% sales tax = $24.78 per oil change. Wow, that sure is low cost..or is it? You use a better oil filter you say? Okay, whatever the additional price of that oil filter is, just tack that additional cost on to the total.

$24.78 x 88 oil changes has an actual/real cost of $2,180.64!

"But I can get oil changes for only $20 each!"

Okay, so you're a cheapskate with an engine worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Makes perfect sense.

$20.00 x 7% sales tax = $21.40 per oil change.

$21.40 x 88 oil changes = $1,883.20 in petroleum oil change costs!

It doesn't seem so, "cheap", anymore when we pull out a calculator and look at the real cost, does it?

"Yeah, but with extended drain synthetic oils like AMSOIL and the few others, you're spending a lot more money because those synthetic oils cost so much! I'm nobodies fool!"

Well, okay, that's a good thing.

A leading top quality extended drain synthetic oil is AMSOIL that will go up to 25,000 miles and at retail prices sells for $10.15 per quart x 4 quarts = $40.60 along with their extended drain oil filter that's good for 15,000 miles selling at a retail price of $14.95 = an oil change price of $55.55 per oil change x 7% sales tax = $59.44 per oil change, plus say about $10 to have UPS bring it to your front door = $69.44 per oil change.

"Wow, what insane, brainwashed person would pay such a high price?! That's a rip off! You'd have to be on drugs to pay that! Plus, pay UPS charges? ROFLMAO! "

Someone who knows how to use a calculator would pay that.

265,000 miles divided by 15,000 mile oil change intervals = only 18 oil changes x $69.44 each = $1,249.92 in oil change costs.

In the petroleum oil change cost from above, this means the high quality synthetic AMSOIL motor oil has saved from $633 - $930 in oil change costs.

"But the petroleum oili has a lower price, so it must cost less! You're calculator must be broken!"

18 oil changes vs 88 oil changes. This isn't rocket science. Break out the calculator.

Then there's the fuel economy increase a top quality synthetic oil like AMSOIL offers, which is usually in the 2-5% range, sometimes more.

"2-5%?! Oh come on man! You've got to be kidding me! lol Who cares about a measly 2-5%?! That's nothing!"

Okay, if you say so.

265,000 miles divided by an average of say 30 mpg = 8,833 gallons of gas x the going rate of about $4.00 a gallon now = a fuel cost of $35,332!

"Really?! Wow, I had no idea it added up to such a huge amount of money!"

30 mpg x a 2% fuel economy increase = 30.60 mpg. 265,000 miles divided by 30.6 mpg = 8,660 gallons x $4.00 per gallon = a fuel cost of $34,640, which is a savings of $692 the high quality synthetic oil has provided! Hmmm...that's not so, "measly", of a savings after all, is it?

30 mpg x a 5% fuel economy increase = 31.5 mpg. 265,000 miles divided by 31.5 mpg = 8,412 gallons of gas x $4.00 per gallon = $33,648, a fuel cost savings of $1,684 that the high quality synthetic oil has provided vs the dead dinosaur oil.

So in this example, when we add the savings of reduced oil change costs and a mild increase in fuel economy, the "expensive" high quality synthetic oil delivers, we have a total cost savings vs cheap petroleum oils of between $1,325 - $2,614!

"Wow, that petroleum oil sure costs an awful lot! I'm glad you showed me this! I'm going to be saving a lot of money! Thank you!"

My pleasure, (putting down calculator).

When we throw in all the other benefits of using a quality synthetic oil, like easier cold winter engine starts, all the time and hassle saved in unneeded oil changes, an internally cleaner engine, lower emissions, more power/better throttle response, superior high temperature engine protection, reduced engine operating temperatures, etc., I don't understand why anyone uses petroleum oils anymore.

Burn up some calculator batteries. The facts don't lie.

A tragic case of a motorist who's stuck in the 1960's or worse -

"I don't like them thar new-fangled expensive ra-dial tires! Bias-ply tires are good enough to get a car down the road just as well! Oh, those fancy-schmancy ABS disc brakes? You don't need those! Drum brakes are just fine! Fuel injection units? Are you nuts?! Do you have any idea how expensive they are to fix?! Use a carburetor and save money!"

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