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Originally Posted by amc49 View Post
Thank you.

Look at a dictionary for the definition of the word 'value', it means getting something of higher worth for lesser cost. I do not consider oil analysis to be of great 'value' to the common man even though I know what it does. It costs too much to show things that can be logically deduced without the added cost. There are enough facts in books out there to make plenty educated 'guesses', you might say, that will have excellent outcomes in 99.5% of the cases without the need for splitting atoms on the oil. Very close to the arguing that goes onsite here all day long about say 2/10ths of a degree error in computer alignments, quite simply wasted time there too. I can say that having worked on thousands of vehicles including some pretty high output ones and simply never needed to analyze oil. Gotta wonder how the world ever kept spinning without it in the old days don't you?
You say that, but you don't provide a single example of the "guesses" you are going to make.

Are you going to guess on the TBN of your oil after 7500 miles? What if you want to run extended drain intervals? Will you guess what it is at 12000? or 15000? or 20000?

Are you going to guess on the flashpoint of the oil, or determining if you have fuel dilution before major problems start?

Would you guess if there is coolant getting into the oil?

What if you’re leaching other metals? Wouldn't it make sense to catch a failing bearing before the engine starts knocking?

It is unfortunate that you don't use such a valuable tool in your shop. While I only turned wrenches professionally for a short time, the shop I managed used this tool FREQUENTLY. Many major engine manufacturers, including Cat and Cummins, offer this service themselves.

How did the world keep spinning before this technology? Oil was changed too frequently, and money was wasted. Potential problems were missed until the components failed. We used to have exchanged like this on paper and pen.. Would you prefer we went back to sharing information that way, also?

Originally Posted by amc49 View Post
Now, if I were in control of a fleet, maybe, but on a single owner vehicle, no way. I've got Bobtheoilguy for that. Being able to read is a far better value than analyzing oil.

Broad stroke? I submit that since most DON'T do it, it REQUIRES a broad stroke, there's far more of us than of you (those who seem to consider it necessary and of high value).....................


Here's some. I use conventional oil at 7500 miles oil changes, the last 5 cars I've bought are still running fine, I can't seem to break them. Collectively 850,000+ miles there and not one analysis, no synthetic oil either. If I go under valve covers the motors are clean as a whistle. Someone tell me how much money I've saved to do other things with.........................................that's value jack.

Not 'willfully ignorant', I have just tuned oil analysis out as nice but not necessary in my world. I do take note also that all the OEMs do not require it to maintain warranties either. I'm just taking the same leap of faith they do.
I'm glad that 7500 mile conventional oil changes work for you with your driving style on your vehicles in your climate.

The original question posted was "So whats the story w/ Pennzoil advertising their ultra/ platinum synthetic oil runs cleaner than Mobil 1/ Valvoline synpower/ Castrol edge w/ syntec? Do they have more detergents in their oil over the other's or what?"

You going to tell me that you can GUESS on the answer to this question? Ok. Guess away with your money, but don't recommend it other folks looking for an answer.

It is highly possible that even at 7500 intervals you have wasted a ton of money over the lives of those vehicles. A proper oil analysis could have indicated the ACTUAL oil change interval you should have been using, and may have saved you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over the years. That, my friend, is value.
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