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Originally Posted by Blk5dr64 View Post
I have driven many a manual in my 50 years on the road. I was simply asking if the "engine braking" is normal, and did not need a scolding.

So, how does one drive an automatic properly?

I am also aware that if I have a problem and the technition can not duplicate, then I must drive the car with him/her in it to demonstrate the problem.

I work in a very large hospital. I know full well how people can screw up the things they use. Give a Registered Nurse a 40 pound anvil and she, her staff, or patients will figure out a way to break it.

The thing that bothers me the most is that I was not told about how this transmission operates. I have read the Ford bulletins that instruct sales people to inform customers how the trans operates. I was not told, and the test drives (plural) did not reveal these quirks.

That said, I really do like the car. It is a computer on wheels, has all kinds of features and good looks. Sometimes harshness will get the perp under the bus.
Look, I don't know who you are or what you know but based on some of the other posts in here it's obvious that a lot of folks don't know what to expect with this gearbox, including you. I'm sorry if my post seemed like an attack at you but that's simply not the case - I just though it was appropriate to cut through the b.s. and be frank. You and I both know you aren't the only one with these issues or with these questions.

If you can suggest a team of nurses can break an anvil, surely you can understand that some folks can't even drive an automatic properly. Also keep in mind that as a technician, engineer and automotive instructor I'm convinced that by knowing exactly how these mechanisms work I can optimize their performance and longevity by operating them a certain way. You as a professional can certainly comparably relate!

Originally Posted by gtncpa View Post
Blk5dr64 does not need to be scolded.

The biggest problem with MFT and the DCT is the lack of communication between Ford's engineers and the dealerships. I race my Mustang on weekends on many road courses in the North East and I have built my own computer. There is not much anyone can teach me about cars or computers. (but I am always a good listener .. and student when I come across something I don't understand) I love my Focus but it is a bit quirky. A DCT is not an automatic and will not work like one. MFT is a windows product and it has some bugs. Those are two solid facts.

If Ford educated the dealerships the dealerships could educate the end users. I believe Ford gives $150 to a dealership each time a car is sold with MFT. I think the dealers see the $150 as a profit center and are not investing the $150 in training. Thru education is the only way real problems can be separated from lack of knowledge when it comes to MFT and the DCT.

I have posted videos that Ford has put up on how a DCT works. The videos are from 2010. Let me know if you would like to see them posted again.
You are right. There are some issues with the car but there are also a comparable number of folks who don't know what to expect. Ford offers funding for dealers to host "clinics" for new buyers. They offer technical and customer handling training regarding these vehicles. The disconnect is that Ford Motor doesn't own every little Ford franchise out there and if a dirtbag dealer has a dirtbag sales department concerned only with making sales you get a host of unsatisfied customers who don't know where to put the blame and there is little Ford Motor can do because a dealer is a privately owned business. You can lead a horse to water.....

Is it Mr. Dirtbag Ford dealer who didn't train me on my new vehicle? *Do I even want a vehicle I need to be trained on? * Or is it Ford Motor's fault for not making a car that behaves the way I expect?

The situation is complicated but simple: My tofu burger doesn't taste like beef. Is it McDonalds corporate's fault for not making tofu taste like beef? Is it the franchise on the corner's fault for not warning me that it won't taste like beef? Is it even supposed to taste the way it does or do I just not like it?

B-lou - gimme a break. Yes there are other issues and they aren't the topic of my comments. MFT is glitchty, yes. Front end noises - they happen. Tell ya what: Instead of being completely useless and just lamenting about how pissed you are go research other comparably equipped new models and tell us how perfect they are. Internet discussion boards are known for their utter perfection in gauging the overal quality of a product and customer satisfaction!
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