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Originally Posted by suss6052 View Post
Your dealership was incompotent if they decided that faulty wheel bearing noises were coming from the gearbox.

The majority of real issues with the gearbox seem to be due to either a malfunction of the mechatronic unit that controls the shifting, or there may be an oil leak from a gearbox seal that is coating the clutches in oil.

Problems such as the car holding the higher gear are one I generally have not experienced, but that is inherent with all automatic transmissions trying to get better fuel economy. If anything mine is quite responsive. I may have the opposite problem which isn't really a problem at all, in that after coasting down the car always shifts down to the next lower gear at 1100 rpm or so and is therefore quite eager to hold the current gear and rev with any prod on the throttle (not wot, and not necessarily under light throttle).

Other issues such as not being prepared for a slight roll back on a hill because the driver either failed to put the brake down hard enough to engage the hill start assist, or they waited more than two or three seconds to apply the gas is generally an operator fault rather than one of the car.

I don't understand how people manage to almost stall the car in the middle of an intersection, but perhaps their cars were broken. However thats a small percentage of all the vehicles produced so far. Its also only in North America that there is this kind of complaints about the gearbox. Our Austrailan Friends with the 2.0 L GDI engine and the same transmission coming from mexico do not have these issues, nor do models in other markets, its only here in the U.S./CAN./MEX. where people are used to the torque converter and "wafting" away without a care in the world until it just abruptly fails from lack of maintanance.
Again you,re making judgement on a few lines from a 5 month experience.Dealerships cannot do any warranty work unless authaurised by Ford.Before replacing the transmission ,they replaced a driveshaft and bearings ,but Ford had a bad batch of bearing and it took a few months to release the TSB about it and make the new ones available.

Many customers don't even know they are driving an automated manual transmission.Yes there are plenty of commercials ,but most don't know much about mechanic and the differences between a conventional and DCT tranny.When I bought the car ,at NO moment ,the salesman said a word about hill assist or other things to know about the car.You are basically told you got an automatic and that's it.And from what I read here,most were told the same.The problems I experiences were real and mostly after I felt the difference between a good and a bad transmission.If you would take the time to read the dozens of thread about DCT issues you'll see that we are more than a few with the same problems.If you think this is all in our minds ,you should apply for a job at Ford.I,m sure they will love you.
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