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Originally Posted by bozo089 View Post
...I am a new member to the forum, however, I have been browsing over the last week as I consider purchasing a 2012 Ford Focus.

When I began researching, I was unaware of the DCT and the issues related to it. After reading numerous threads with over a hundred responses, I am a bit nervous to buy a Focus.

Disregarding the DCT, the Focus is by far my #1 choice for a new vehicle, therefore I wanted to ask everyone if I should feel confident in pursuing a 2012 Focus.

Also, I am considering getting a slightly used one so should I be looking for a newer build date?...
Welcome to the boards, bozo089! I give you significant props for putting the Focus in your consideration set; feel very confident in pursuing one. The DCT will break-in and settle nicely over time. In addition, standard Torque Vectoring Control is a great safety feature which forces the front-end to hug the inside of each curve; check out the video:

If you have any questions or need assistance in locating one which meet your specifications, please send me a PM!

Originally Posted by jcarlilesiu View Post
I, as well as most people I have talked to on and off the forums, have had no issues with the DCT.

You will notice a difference, it doesn't feel exactly like a automatic transmission, but it does work just fine...
Originally Posted by skepticaleye View Post
Car and Driver chose the 2012 Focus as the year's top compact, even though C&D hates automatics on principle and really disliked the DCT in particular.

If you are used to driving an automatic, the Focus DCT is at least tolerable, and you'll adapt to it pretty quickly. You might even find you like it.
Originally Posted by afinley View Post
...I have a manual, so I can't speak to the DCT, but I have MyFordTouch, which is the other thing people hate on, and I love it. I love my car enough that we bought a second one just like it.

It is an $18k car that gets 40mpg, fits a lot of stuff, and looks sharp...However, for the money, there is no better car.
Originally Posted by BLRich1 View Post
Don't let all complaints scare you away. For every person that feels the need to complain online, there are 10 more that are perfectly content that don't post online about it...
Originally Posted by RonMaiden View Post
I've driven good autos and I've driven 3 Focuses with the DCT and it's a so-so auto and is pretty good when it's got things worked out but the driving experience IMO was a bit boring and needs a proper manu-shift type stick instead of a little toggle...
Originally Posted by copernicium112 View Post
Test drive it under a variety of conditions first if you are uncomfortable. I haven't had problems with my DCT...and love the way the car handles. It has a lot in it for the price. Still, you driving it yourself is the only way you are really going to know if you like how it feels or not.
Originally Posted by VectorZ View Post
I've had my car for two months and it now has 2k miles on it. I have had ZERO issues with the DCT. MFT is laggy at times and has a few bugs, but again I've had no serious issues with it. Aside from a few paint flaws I am very satisfied with my car and would buy again...
Originally Posted by zx3matt View Post
It is a wonderful car with a huge amount of content for the price...You may see complaints on here, but I have NEVER had someone outside of this forum complain about their new Focus. They all love them.

I love mine. Is it perfect? No, but what car truly is? Make it your own and then it will be perfect for YOU.
Originally Posted by wantz12 View Post
Don't let all the DCT stuff scare you away...While I have had a few instances of indecisiveness from the transmission, for the most part the car has been wonderful. Plus the handling is excellent.

Test drive one to make sure, but I would personally recommend the Focus to anyone.
Originally Posted by SkyPilot View Post
...Yes it drives differently that your average auto, but the flipside is it returns better MPG than a standard auto.

Everyone here is going to say buy it, Why? because we all love the focus. I have 2 myself a 04 and 12. But like any car it will have its quriks...
Originally Posted by dan50 View Post
It's a great car, but as you've noted there is a lot of discussion about the DCT and MFT. I don't have MFT so can't comment but I do have an 12/11 build DCT.

A lot of the DCT discussion here is a hangover the software these cars had early in their lives. There was certainly a problem as evidenced by several software and at least one hardware change. Field Service Action 12b37 is the latest software update and it has made a big difference for most...
Originally Posted by Pinarello Rider View Post
Definitely test drive it. If you are buying new, make sure you test drive it in a lot of conditions knowing that the transmission will get slightly better. If it's used, and has a lot of miles on it, it's going to be like that...
Originally Posted by dnprall View Post
I went from a 2000 Sedan SE to a 2012 HB SEL and I love it!

The DCT took a little bit to get used to and smooth out. (As an aside, the transmission finally smoothed out a bit around 1200 miles). The engine is great and makes a great noise for a 4-banger....
Originally Posted by DBxprss View Post
There are good deals available right now on year-end leftovers of the 2012 Focus. That pushed me in the direction of a new one...the car drives and shifts smoothly, and we love it!
Originally Posted by InfinityCubed View Post
I realize I'm in the minority here, but I would not suggest purchasing one unless you like to take risks. There have been more than a few here with problems that the software has not fixed, and three lemon laws claims filed here that I've seen...
Originally Posted by oritpro View Post
Why not rent one for a day or two?
Originally Posted by a351must2 View Post
Based on what I've seen in many different forums, there isn't a single car out there that wouldn't be a risk to think about buying.

As for the Focus, risk can be reduced by getting a manual, no sunroof, and no MFT...
Originally Posted by Craeshen View Post
It is a sharp looking car, The dct has been rock solid for me after I got the first tsb it fixed 99% of the problems.

Mft is substantially better after the new update...
Originally Posted by xpartmgr View Post
I have a lot of issues, but I do not think they represent the majority rather they represent the minority. I would find one you like and ask the dealer to take an extended test drive. Perhaps an entire weekend...
Originally Posted by red-i View Post
...I have MFT and aside from the clock time changing twice and my phone needing a re-pair once it's been fine...

my only dissapointment is my city mileage isn't all that stellar (9-10L/100kms)...
Originally Posted by Kaaru View Post
...May we ask what kind of usage you will be doing ? What kind of traffic will you do ? Rush hour trafic ? short commutes ?

I noticed you are from BC. What kind of winter conditions do you get on your end of the country ? I'm from the east coast (well, kinf of) and some winter conditions can be a source of irritation depending on your usage.
Originally Posted by FrostedG View Post
...As for reliability, overall my ride has been fine. The DCT was much improved since the software update. I found out the hard way not to take it through an automatic car wash with brush rollers (took the plastic rain channel cover right off). The dealer replaced it under my initial 3yr/36000 mile warranty...
Originally Posted by kxweil38 View Post
I have had mine for 5 months and have 5100 miles on it. I had had zero problems and really enjoy how it drives. Went from an 03 Sonata and about 21 mpg to 32 mpg on a car that's a lot more fun to drive. Once I had the software update there have been no issues with the DCT...
Originally Posted by G-Man's SVTF View Post
the issues generally were with the earlier build dates. the newer ones are pretty much problem free. go for it and you won't regret it.
Originally Posted by dooor View Post
DON'T Wait until next year. Far too many problems now.
Originally Posted by Hodge Podge View Post
...I liked the DCT from the start and have never had an issue, but I will say 12B37 made it better.

Post 12B37's will behave (for the most part) like a traditional automatic in "D". Sport mode is also greatly improved (if you happen to get one so equipped)...
Originally Posted by unfocused1 View Post
...a used 2012 Focus should reveal the noise -- between gears 1 and 2, and (less noticeable) between 2 and 3. Doesn't happen alli the time...

That aside, it's been a WONDERFUL vehicle to drive. The ride is great, mileage is great(er)... Ford says the noise is normal, I bought the extended warranty, the Cosby Show and Roseanne both lasted for 8 years... what's to complain about? Oh yeah, Roseanne's 9th was just a dream so it doesn't count...
Originally Posted by VOLDAR View Post
+1 to this ^
Originally Posted by FocusOnMeNow View Post
You won't be disappointed. Get a manual. More fun.
Originally Posted by MotorcityJAX View Post
I absolutley wouldn't trade my '12 for anything unless it was an ST, I have no problems with my DCT and love driving the car, I drive in sport mode quite a bit and the shifting is smooth. I also never have problems with my Microsoft either...
Originally Posted by Visioned View Post
I would pass. Buy an elantra or altima
Originally Posted by blank102 View Post
Altima is not in the same category. And it has a CVT...
Originally Posted by MyThIc3LiTe View Post
The Elantra isn't even competitive against the Focus. Go look at comparos, most of the time our Focus is winning with flying colours...
Originally Posted by dbenney View Post
...people are quick to complain when they are upset, but not so quick to praise when happy. I work at the plant where the Focus is built and had NO problems with buying one. I have 1k miles on mine (I know not much yet) and no issues, not even jutter. Shifts are smooth and strong. No grinding into or out of first gear. MyFord Touch has had 0 crashes, Sync recognizes approximately 95% of my commands...I say have no fear take the plunge, and if for some reason something does go wrong, trust your dealership to make it right.... jsut make sure you pick a dealership with a good, reputable service department.
Originally Posted by Dialed View Post
Test drive one. Use it in Auto and Sport mode if you're getting an Automatic. Shift like a mofo. If you feel jerking, get away from that car. I, and others, suspect certain build date Foci to be problematic...
Originally Posted by scott7278 View Post
I love mine today even more than I did when I bought it on June 8th. The DCT has given me no problems, although it did feel different than a conventional automatic. Having driven a few manuals, I knew the feeling was like driving an automatic manual...
Originally Posted by jagreene View Post
My focus has had a ton of problems but is of an earlier build. I can't say for sure how they run now but I would be cautious if I were you. Regardless of it being a newer build or not Ford is having problems that they can't seem to figure out a fix to right now. Maybe give it some time and wait until the kinks are worked out...
Originally Posted by Sonic_HedgeHog View Post
I've got a mid-Feb build (so not a true Job 2 car). It's an SE Sport equipped with the 5 speed MTX-75 transmission. Other than the front suspension clunk and a coupe squeaks and what not this car is perfect. If you're that worried about the DCT, don't get it...
Originally Posted by suss6052 View Post
Your feburary build would be a very late Job 1 car. Job 2 builds started 3/5/12 but it was not until 4/16/12 or so that they started to be built with the full number of changes including the four way head restraints and the flex fuel compatibility for non PZEV models...
Originally Posted by billand View Post
I just picked a 2012 titanium up for my wife we live it. The dtc is a bit funky at first but drives like a regular car after it learns your driving pattern
Originally Posted by Johnson17 View Post
I have a Titanium built in the last week of 2012 production and I'm telling you it is a FANTASTIC little car. If you understand what makes a dct different than a reg trans, you can fully love it as I do. Mine shifts so quickly when I'm excelerating hard that I get all giddy. It has zero rev loss and loses no momentum while shifting...
Originally Posted by Guimpy View Post
I've owned a slightly used Dodge Neon, new Hyundai Elantra and now the Focus. All of them made it back to the dealer for warranty service in the first 6 month of ownership so to me, it's like a given and to be expected with ANY car. Unless of course I really just have bad luck. If I would have to chose between these three cars, I'd buy the Focus again in a heartbeat...
Originally Posted by GhiaFan View Post
You do know you can turn off the traction control yes/no?
Originally Posted by buyusa View Post
I agree with the no moon roof. After four attempts to fix the leak, it now leaks worse than it did originally. No help from Ford Customer Service so I don't know what my next step will be yet. The MyFord Touch definitely has some issues, not unexpected with software rushed out before all the bugs are worked out. I have 6K miles on my Focus and it has been in for a MFT upgrade, a transmission and roll back fix, attempts to fix the moon roof and, of all things, the Focus sign on the car was falling off, not glued properly to the car.
Hey everyone -

Thanks for making this a very active thread; I appreciate the honesty! If you haven't already, remember to claim this badge to show more Focus love:

If you're having any issues at all, please PM me your VIN, mileage, phone number, and dealer info; I'll look into them as soon as possible. Here's a link to save coin on routine service in the future:

Take care,


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