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Originally Posted by 6769MOPARS View Post
We must be driving different cars. I do not drive my wife's Focus often, but, every time I do, the DCT performs flawlessly. I sympathize with those who are having problems, and while I do not know how widespread the problems are, I am certain that Ford is responding in a responsible fashion. Fixes are never fast enough for those with a problem.

I think that the DCT is solid technology that is experiencing some problems, some of which are caused by customers who expect the transmission to behave like a traditional torque converter based automatic which it never will.

If my wife's car was having a problem I would be working closely with my dealer (who is excellent) and the transmission tech who services both the Focus and my Fiesta (5-speed).
It's too bad there are so many folks out there without this reasoning capability. Thank you for being one of the exceptions! Like any new model I'm sure the Focus has some legitimate issues that need to be resolved. One can expect this trend to continue indefinitely as it does with ANY complicated product in it's first mass production run.

Combine these somewhat expected issues with poor dealer network competency on the new product (again, pretty frickin typical unfortunately) AND customer perception and you get threads like these.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that a voluntary buyback is NOT an admission of an issue. Most vehicles bought back have no verifiable issue. I can't tell you how many cars I've seen be bought back over complaints that NOBODY BUT THE CUSTOMER can verify exist. All buybacks are sent to a dealer for final repairs/inspection and then sold again to a customer that something like 90% of the time has NO related complaints to the buyback. Any dope can see that given the lack of continuing issues = car was never "defective" in the first place. The truth of the matter is that if one is persistant enough they can get any vehicle bought back. Ford loses something like an average of $10,000 per buyback. Around the time they've got that much into warranty service they'll consider a voluntary buyback especially considering that by the time the 10K number is reached the customer has already notified the BBB. It's more of a cost/benefit analysis than it is a "Oh, I'm so sorry your car is junk lemme just give you your $ back".

I hate to wrap everyone into this bundle but it still shocks me how irresponsible car buyers are these days. I try on a $20 pair of jeans before I buy them... but there are still idiots who take a 10 mile around-the-block test drive in a demo, playing with the bells & whistles while the salesman yacks on and on and then sign a 20,000-80,000 note on a car they've never driven. Just because you paid a crapload of money does NOT exempt you from being disatisfied with a product that is made by the millions every year! In a perfect world such expensive equipment would be free of any issue of any kind and satisfy your expectations in every regard. Unfortunately, humans make these things and humans make mistakes. Jesus doesn't build cars and until he does - they will continue to have some occasional issues RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!

You also get what you pay for. Go spend $150,000 + on a car if you want "warm towel" service and absolutely perfect material quality, operational characteristics, etc. When folks complain about an entry level car not meeting their expectations I think of a guy who buys a coach airline ticket and isn't satisfied with the seats, legroom, food service, noise levels, etc. I know $30,000 is a lot of money but in the car world it's Mickey Mouse. Sorry, but it's the truth. If your car has a legitimate issue WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER LIKE UNITS it will be resolved - especially if you handle it with grace. "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar" they say. But if you are one of the first time car buyers mentioned above scraping together enough $ to buy an entry level car and aren't satisfied with it's "normal characteristics" SHAME ON YOU. You made your bed and should lie in it instead of flooding the internet with dubious claims of poor build quality and customer service.
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